Elite 11 2013: Power Ranking Top 2014 QBs Following Star-Studded Competition

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJuly 4, 2013

Elite 11 2013: Power Ranking Top 2014 QBs Following Star-Studded Competition

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    The Elite 11 is the premier quarterback competition and evaluation period in college football recruiting, and with its results before us, it's time to update our 2014 quarterback rankings.

    A few weeks ago, we here at Bleacher Report released our top 10 2014 quarterback recruit rankings. They were based from tape study of each respective quarterback recruit.

    To be clear, as an evaluator it would be unwise to completely throw out or change rankings because of a competition and camp period that lasts only a few days. Events like The Opening and the Elite 11 do provide recruits a chance to respond to high-level competition and show off some of the finer points of their skill set, but nothing replaces putting on the pads and playing in a real, live football game. Also, nothing replaces film study.

    It would also be unfair to judge recruits based on an isolated camp scenario. True evaluation is done over time and accounts for many different factors.

    That said, Trent Dilfer and his staff are the pros of quarterback evaluation so to disregard their rankings would be foolish.

    Based upon their evaluation (per the Elite 11 Twitter handle) of the Elite 11 in combination with previous tape study, some quarterbacks moved into the top 10 of our rankings while others fell out.

    Here's a fresh look at the top 10 quarterback recruits in the nation:


    Note: Tape study done on film provided on each recruit's respective 247Sports interest list. Information and star rankings courtesy of 247Sports.com and the 247Sports Composite ratings. Quotes from Trent Dilfer via this report from Tom VanHaaren of ESPN.com.

10. David Blough, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'1''

    Weight: 180 pounds

    Hometown: Carrollton, Texas

    School: Creekview High School

    Elite 11 Finish: No. 6

    Previously Ranked by B/R: Not Ranked

    Ranking: 3-star

    Committed to Purdue on 6/15/13


    David Blough benefited from an incredible showing at the Elite 11. He finished as the No. 6 quarterback at the competition, and that catapulted him into our top 10.

    He previously wasn't even in the top 10, so that's a huge jump.

    Here's Trent Dilfer on Blough, per Tom VanHaaren of ESPN.com: "David is so fiercely competitive. He's so determined to be the best he possibly can be. He doesn't let the pressure of that weigh him down."

    To say that Blough is underrated would be an understatement. Like many of these quarterbacks, he's athletic and can throw while moving around. He can sit in the pocket and sling the football to receivers on a line, but he can also bootleg out, keep eyes on his routes and make big throws on the run.

    He came into the Elite 11 underrated, but that won't be the case any longer.

9. Drew Barker, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'4''

    Weight: 210 pounds

    Hometown: Hebron, Ky.  

    School: Conner Senior High School

    Elite 11 Finish: No. 7

    Previously Ranked by B/R: No. 6

    Ranking: 4-star

    Committed to Kentucky on 5/10/13

    Drew Barker was inconsistent and inaccurate during the seven-on-seven semifinal at The Opening, but that shouldn't be a long-term problem. He finished as an Elite 11 quarterback, and he's definitely one of the best quarterback recruits in the nation.

    He has a strong arm, great accuracy and top-notch athleticism. Barker can make plays in the pocket, but he can also take off, get upfield quickly and pick up big-time yards with his feet.

8. Jacob Park, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'3''

    Weight: 202 pounds

    Hometown: Goose Creek, S.C.

    School: Stratford High School

    Ranking: 4-star

    Elite 11 Finish: No. 5

    Previously Ranked by B/R: Not Ranked

    Committed to Georgia on 6/14/13

    Jacob Park is another quarterback who worked his way into the Bleacher Report rankings with a good showing at the Elite 11. He finished ranked No. 5 and received some high praise. Our own Marc Kohn tweeted that he believed Park was the most consistent passer in the Elite 11.

    Park is certainly a good passer, but he also has great athleticism. He runs a 4.70 40-yard dash, according to 247Sports, and he'll be able to make plays with his feet or by throwing on the run.

7. Sean White, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'2''

    Weight: 204 pounds

    Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

    School: University School of Nova South

    Ranking: 3-star

    Elite 11 Finish: No. 1

    Previously Ranked by B/R: Not Ranked

    247Sports Prediction: Wisconsin—100 percent (via his 247Sports Crystal Ball)

    Bleacher Report Prediction: Wisconsin


    There's a lot to like about Sean White. He has good size, but he can also move around in the pocket and throw on the run. He's poised, especially under pressure. He keeps his eyes downfield, and he can make big-time throws. 

    His vision really allowed him to stand out at the Elite 11 and seven-on-seven tournaments, and that's an extremely underrated trait for a quarterback. 

    White finished No. 1 in the Elite 11, and his play there got him into the Bleacher Report top 10.
    Dilfer had this to say about the Elite 11 MVP, per VanHaaren, "His accurate isn't just accurate. It's exact. It's an NFL type of ball. I'm stealing this from Steve Young, but he has an artistic ball. He paints a picture with his ball."

    He went from a 3-star recruit to a 3-star recruit on everybody's radar. It will be interesting to see how he progresses from his huge Elite 11 showing. White has a visit scheduled to Wisconsin on July 8, according to his 247Sports timeline

6. Jerrod Heard, Dual-Threat QB

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    Height: 6'2.5''

    Weight: 190 pounds

    Hometown: Denton, Texas

    School: John H. Guyer High School

    Ranking: 4-star

    Elite 11 Finish: No. 4

    Previously Ranked by B/R: No. 8

    Committed to Texas on 8/14/12

    Jerrod Heard is a great dual-threat quarterback recruit. He's exceptionally fast (4.59 40, according to 247Sports) and shifty. He hits the hole hard and gets upfield, but he sets himself apart with his vision and his ability to quickly cut, find a running lane and change the field.

    He has explosive potential, though he will need to put on just a little more weight.
    Dilfer seemed pleasantly surprised with Heard, according to VanHaaren's report:
    I was concerned about Jerrod coming in. I didn't know how he would handle this and the pressure he would be [facing] throwing the ball as much as we ask guys to do. But he was the biggest surprise through the first two days.
    Heard has a strong arm and a nice deep ball. Finishing No. 4 in the Elite 11 really solidified him as a top-six quarterback recruit nationally. 

5. Deshaun Watson, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'3''

    Weight: 200 pounds

    Hometown: Gainesville, Ga.

    School: Gainesville High School

    Ranking: 4-star

    Elite 11 Finish: 10

    Previously Ranked by B/R: No. 3

    Committed to Clemson on 2/1/12

    Deshaun Watson is going to be a game-changer at the college level, and that's great for Clemson.

    He can make plays with his arm or with his feet, and he's balanced with his approach to the quarterback position. Even though he can run, he takes his time and goes through his reads, using his athleticism and speed only as a last-resort option.

    Watson dropped a few spots in the rankings, but only because a few other quarterbacks moved up.

4. Keller Chryst, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'3''

    Weight: 215 pounds

    Hometown: Palo Alto, Calif.

    School: Palo Alto High School

    Ranking: 5-star

    Elite 11 Finish: No

    Previously Ranked by B/R: No. 2

    Committed to Stanford on 6/28/13

    According to the 247Sports Composite ratings, Keller Chryst is the No. 1 pro-style quarterback in the nation and a 5-star recruit. That being said, he did not make it into the Elite 11.

    As stated in the introduction, it would be unfair to judge a quarterback off one good or bad camp, so Chryst still finds a place in our top five. He has the look of a big-time quarterback, and he's extremely accurate. He has a natural throwing motion and will be able to make any throw asked of him at the college level.

    It will be interesting to see how Chryst will bounce back from this.

3. Will Grier, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'3''

    Weight: 180 pounds

    Hometown: Davidson, N.C.

    School: Davidson Day School

    Ranking: 4-star

    Elite 11 Finish: No. 3

    Previously Ranked by B/R: No. 4

    Committed to Florida on 12/19/12

    Will Grier has the potential to be an excellent quarterback at Florida, especially if he bulks up ever so slightly. He already has great height and length, and that allows him to release the ball at its highest point and get zip behind his throw.

    He made some really nice throws in the seven-on-seven competition and displays great vision and patience. His top-three finish helped him move up one spot in our rankings. 

    His upside is extremely high. 

2. David Cornwell, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'5''

    Weight: 230 pounds

    Hometown: Norman, Okla.

    School: Norman North High School

    Ranking: 4-star

    Elite 11 Finish: No

    Previously Ranked by B/R: No. 1

    Committed to Alabama on 6/14/13

    This is a fall from grace of sorts for David Cornwell, but don't look too far into it. His subpar finish at the Elite 11 did hurt his ranking here, but overall, he still has the potential to be an elite quarterback.

    He still has tremendous size and a great arm. He can still sling the ball down the field, and he can still throw on the run.

    Oh, and he's still committed to Alabama.

    Cornwell will be fine. 

1. Kyle Allen, Pro-Style QB

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    Height: 6'2.5''

    Weight: 185 pounds

    Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz. 

    School: Desert Mountain High School

    Ranking: 4-star

    Elite 11 Finish: No. 2

    Previously Ranked by B/R: No. 7

    Committed to Texas A&M on 6/3/13


    As of the Elite 11, Kyle Allen is the best quarterback recruit in the nation. He was underrated in our original rankings, but Allen has worked hard to find his spot among the elite recruits in the nation.

    Allen is an extremely accurate thrower with great pocket presence and awareness. He can literally pick apart a defense, but he also has a nice arm too.

    Here's what Dilfer had to say about Allen, per VanHaaren's report, "Everything he does is better than good. He's 'Mr. Consistency.'"

    Finishing No. 2  in the Elite 11 really boosted his stock in our eyes, considering the competition. That shows a level of confidence, poise and competitiveness. He could be the perfect quarterback to eventually replace Johnny Manziel.

    Kyle Football, anybody?

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