Coaches Who Legitimately Hate Each Other

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 5, 2013

Coaches Who Legitimately Hate Each Other

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    Can't we all just get along?

    That's what I found asking myself after sorting through the coaches in sports who really hate each other, making me wonder if these are the pairings that should actually be mentioned as the biggest rivalries in sports?

    This group of guys might want to lead their teams to a lot of wins, but they also take satisfaction each time they bury their hated counterpart anytime they can, whether on the field or in the media.

    Don't expect them to catch up over a beer anytime soon.

John Calipari and John Chaney

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    I'd really like to go into detail about the feud between former Temple men's basketball coach John Chaney and current Kentucky coach John Calipari, but after seeing this legendary video, what more needs to be said?

    Not too many people in sports use the words, "I'll kill you" to legitimately threaten someone, but during Cal's press conference while still coaching at UMass, that's exactly what Chaney thought he needed to do.

    This came to fruition thanks to Chaney thinking his counterpart was manipulating the refs during a game.

    Apparently, the two are now buddy, buddy, but I call a heavy bluff.

Todd Haley and Josh Mcdaniels

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    Sure, this little tiff came a few years ago before Josh McDaniels and Todd Haley got the ax from their former employers in the AFC West, but that doesn't mean the hate just fizzled away.

    After refusing to shake the former Broncos coach's hand after a loss while with the Chiefs, Haley  may have apologized and played nice the next time the teams met, but I doubt the two offensive coaches are quick to talk to each other about new schemes and formations—if they even talk to each other at all.

Peter Laviolette and Dan Bylsma

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    Fights in hockey are commonplace, often happening at least once a game

    But seeing head coaches Peter Laviolette of the Flyers and Dan Bylsma of the Penguins lean over the glass or boards to get at each other during one is something just a little more rare.

    So after this throwdown between the in-state rivals erupted in 2012, it was a little bit more than just seeing sticks and gloves getting tossed around. We almost got shirts and ties too.

Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban

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    Personally speaking, I think this feud comes straight from jealousy on the part of South Carolina Steve Spurrier.

    The "Ol' Ball Coach" used to be what Alabama football coach Nick Saban is now—the Belle of the Ball.

    But after finding himself at a second-tier SEC program challenging for New Year's Day bowls instead of national title games, Spurrier's hatred foam has continued to rise towards Saban.

    Commenting on another  coach's legacy is one thing, but to do it when he's proven to be the best coach in college football is a major lack of respect.

    Oh well, at least Saban got his quick jab back at the visor-wearing Gamecocks coach.

Dusty Baker and Tony La Russa

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    They may be seen exchanging a friendly handshake for a photo op, but don't be fooled by their demeanors—they really dislike each other.

    Though Tony La Russa has been retired for a season-and-a-half now, when he was manager of the St. Louis Cardinals—the NL Central Division rivals of Dusty Baker's Cubs and Reds, there was always some heat back and forth with these two.

    From bench-clearing brawls to allegations of favoritism between All-Star selections, these two weren't going to be seen sharing a table at any Midwest restaurant.

Any Coach of the Dodgers or Diamondbacks

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    This is one of the newer feuds we've seen, but after the plunking and bench-clearing that occurred a few weeks ago between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, it's very real.

    Forget the mano a mano, face-to-face arguments that happened between a few of the coaches as the players tussled, it was the fallout from it all that makes these teams' coaches speak unkindly about each other.

    No pitching staff ever wants to be labeled as "headhunters," but the throwdown accusation was tossed out after seeing this June 11 incident go down.

    Stay tuned, because this one might get messier as the season unfolds.

Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz

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    Remember kids, it's important to always display good sportsmanship, no matter what the result of a particular game is.

    Niners head coach Jim Harbaugh seemed to forget this—or at least get caught up in emotions—during the typical gentleman's handshake after a game in 2011 against the Lions.

    Detroit coach Jim Schwartz took such offense to it that he actually chased down Harbaugh and went after him.

    The two seem to have forgotten about it later on, but that doesn't mean they're running up phone bills talking to each other.

Urban Meyer and Most College Football Coaches

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    Over the years, new Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer has found himself entrenched in some off-field bouts with several coaches.

    With a report that came out of Fox of Meyer selling out his former coaching spot in Florida, it seems the guy just can't help but find an enemy.

    Whether he's attacking a coach personally, or just an entire football program—which is in effect, the head coach—Meyer refuses to play nice.

Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams

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    Really smart people say that 90 percent of communication is actually nonverbal.

    If that's the case, then photos of North Carolina coach Roy Williams crossing his arms while talking to Duke head man Mike Krzyzewski should tell the whole story with their relationship.

    It's a bit distant.

    OK, so the two are all-time greats in the college basketball game, leading two of the biggest programs in the country in arguably the biggest rivalry in the sport, but it was infused more in 2008 when there were some back-and-forth words about injuries and whose team the other should focus on coaching.

    This one probably will get worse before it gets any better.

Bill Belichick and Every Other NFL Head Coach

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    Maybe it's his five Super Bowl rings, including three as a head coach or the fact that he has a Hall of Fame quarterback at his disposal to challenge for an NFL title each year.

    Then again, maybe it is just because Bill Belichick seems like a complete jerk who will do anything to gain an upper hand on his opponents?

    Regardless of the reasons, Belichick's arrogance and surliness tend to rub every other NFL head coach the wrong way.

John Calipari and Bobby Knight

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    Retired college basketball coaching icon Bobby Knight and current Kentucky coach John Calipari have never exactly seen eye to eye on things.

    The most pressing point is the issue of one-and-dones in college basketball. Calipari is a huge proponent and utilizes it beautifully, while Knight has hated college players moving on to the NBA after only one season, and he has often spoken up about it.

    It's gotten so bad that Knight wouldn't even say the word "Kentucky" during a segment last season.

    That's pretty low, bro.

Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll

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    This all started during Pete Carroll's and Jim Harbaugh's days back in the college ranks, as they annually faced each other as coaches at USC and Stanford, respectively.

    Southern Cal was always the big boy on the block and routinely beating down opponents, so when the Cardinal were able to run the score up on the Trojans in 2009, the flame was lit between these two.

    Now in the same NFC West division as coaches of the Seahawks (Carroll) and 49ers (Harbaugh), we've seen their war of words recently renewed.