7 Unbelievable Brock Lesnar Moments in WWE

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 3, 2013

7 Unbelievable Brock Lesnar Moments in WWE

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    Has anyone in WWE history given us as many unbelievably great moments as Brock Lesnar?

    It seems doubtful.

    One of the greatest monster heels ever, Lesnar has churned out several classic segments and matches over the years, shocking and entertaining the fans in equal measures.  

    You ever wonder why Lesnar, a part-timer with limited commitment to the company, is pushed as heavily by Vince McMahon as he is?

    Just take a look at this list....

7. Lesnar Fights John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012

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    At the 2012 Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Lesnar and Cena fought in one of the most brutal and hard-hitting No Holds Barred matches the WWE has ever seen.

    Frankly, the sight of the former UFC Heavyweight champion pummeling Cena with some truly stiff punches is still a little hard to watch. No: This certainly wasn't PG.

    Thanks to his performance in the bout, Lesnar also allayed any fears that he was simply going to phone it in for the paycheck during his second WWE stint. 

    Indeed, he worked incredibly hard here, showing off a physicality and intensity that most wrestling heels can only dream about.

    It’s just too bad about that ending.

6. Lesnar Beats Up Hulk Hogan

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    In the summer of 2002, Brock Lesnar absolutely brutalized wrestling icon Hulk Hogan during their match on SmackDown, leaving the legend a bloody and battered mess in the middle of the ring.

    Yes, fans were forced to watch as Lesnar picked apart the most famous, and beloved, wrestler in pro wrestling history with relative ease.

    While Hogan has often been criticized in the past for his reluctance to put over younger guys, credit should go to him for his terrific, and selfless performance here. He did everything he could to make Lesnar look like a top guy heading into his SummerSlam bout with The Rock.

5. Lesnar Submits Triple H at SummerSlam

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    At SummerSlam 2012, Lesnar made up for the Extreme Rules loss by submitting Triple H in the No DQ main event.

    Yes, that’s right: Triple H—similar to Hogan, a wrestler famous for never wanting to lose—actually submitted, making Lesnar look like a million bucks in the process.

    A great effort from both men, this bout stole the show—and remains one of the best matches in the pay-per-view’s history.

4. Lesnar Wins the Undisputed Championship at SummerSlam 2002

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    And there was another great SummerSlam moment for Brock.

    Brock Lesnar reached the top of the WWE at the pay-per-view when he fought, and cleanly defeated, The Rock for the Undisputed WWE Championship in a great match, becoming the then-youngest champion ever at age 25 (Randy Orton broke his record a couple of years later though).

    Interestingly, the crowd in attendance roared their approval of Lesnar’s victory, despite him being a heel. It appears wrestling fans in general had gotten tired of Rock constantly leaving WWE for films and were more than happy to see a title change. 

3. Lesnar Wrecks Triple H's Office

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    On the May 6 edition of Raw, Brock Lesnar created one of the best and most wickedly entertaining moments in WWE history when he decided to do a little, eh, furniture moving with Triple H's stuff . 

    Accompanied by manager Paul Heyman, Lesnar stormed into WWE headquarters and headed straight up to Triple H’s executive office—no one dared to stop him obviously—and proceeded to wreck the place with frightening ease. By the end of the skit, it looked like an earthquake had hit.

    This was easily one of the highlights of the Triple H-Brock Lesnar feud.

2. The Ring Collapse

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    The Brock Lesnar-Big Show ring collapse on a June 2003 edition of SmackDown is still one of the most memorable –and shocking—moments in company history.  Unsurprisingly, it still makes numerous WWE highlight reels and can easily be considered a highlight of Lesnar’s pro wrestling career.

    Credit should also go to the company's production team for managing to pull the entire thing off with no mistakes.

    The company later tried to do the “ring collapse” spot again in  October 2011 when Big Show took on Mark Henry on pay-per-view. But it didn’t really have anything to close to the same impact.

    Note to Vince: Some ideas only work once.

1. Lesnar Returns in 2012

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    In April 2012, Lesnar made his return to WWE after an eight year absence. 

    The moment’s beauty was in its simplicity.  Brock didn't have numerous video packages heralding his grand return. He didn’t arrive in a big fancy limousine or cut some long-winded promo, like many people coming back do.

    Nope. Instead, the former UFC star just stormed out to the ring and F5’d John Cena while the sold-out crowd in attendance went absolutely crazy.

    The message was clear: Brock Lesnar was well and truly back.