Dwight Howard Will Meditate on Tough Decision in the Mountains or on a Ranch

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 3, 2013

Dwight Howard will take his free-agency soap opera to the mountains in Colorado or quite possibly a ranch in Montana. In other words, sit tight on the locale for the latest installment of NBA Superstar Decisions.

There isn't enough Tylenol in the world for this story. CBS Sports' Ken Berger brings us the latest chapter in the book of Howard's offseason indecisiveness. 

The star center is still deciding on just where to settle down for the weekend to make his choice among various NBA teams. The report states it's between "a resort area in Colorado and a remote ranch in Montana."

As noted, Howard's agent, Happy Walters, tweeted the following: 

We like to imagine the final hours of his retreat might play out like the following:  

Berger has some thoughts on the various locations Howard will soon find himself: 

The possible locations for Howard's decision-making summit are, in some ways, just as interesting as the decision itself. If Howard chooses to retreat to Montana with his advisers for the July 4 weekend, league sources say he'll be hunkered down not far from where former Lakers coach Phil Jackson finds his inner Zen. If it's Colorado, Howard will have plenty of company. Half of LA's rich and famous—and a good portion of its rich and not-so-famous—vacation in Aspen for the holiday weekend.

Wait, so before he decides where he will play he has to decide on where to make said decision? Will there be a round of meetings from various resorts making their pitch as to how comfortable and relaxing their venues might be?

You had to know this ongoing melodrama would feature a ridiculous soul-searching part.

We now wait for Howard to make what has to be a difficult decision. You simply don't capriciously waltz into a decision involving the majesty of the mountains in Colorado or the beauty that is a ranch in Montana. 

Keep those fingers crossed that we actually get a decision on where Howard will play next season shortly after that. 

All we can do is sit back and hope, praying that nobody asks Dwight to decide on dinner, because we might just be here all summer. 


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