Vickie Guerrero: The 5 Wrestlers She Could Manage in the WWE

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJuly 4, 2013

Vickie Guerrero: The 5 Wrestlers She Could Manage in the WWE

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    Something tells me Monday night will be Vickie Guerrero's last night as Raw's managing supervisor. Based on the job evaluation she will be given by Stephanie McMahon, you know the firing of the WWE's favorite loudmouth is just part of a storyline including Triple H and her father, Vince McMahon, regarding control of the company.

    This may also lead to a connection between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman, ultimately giving general manager powers to Heyman and making Curtis Axel the new "corporate" guy of the WWE.

    With Vickie on the outs and there not being a promotion for the former manager of the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, could Guerrero return to the side of the ring yelling and screaming and promoting wrestlers? If so, who might be on her short list? 

    Here are some wrestlers Guerrero should consider.

Cody Rhodes

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    Rhodes is the best wrestler who has been jobbed by the WWE. 

    The former Intercontinental Champion could do himself well by winning the contract from the WHC Ladder Match. Maybe a manager is just the thing to put Rhodes over the top.

    His father, Dusty Rhodes, had a valet named Baby Doll, but this is nothing like that. Guerrero could be a real benefit to the man with the mustache.

Wade Barrett

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    I thought Wade Barrett would be the new "Paul Heyman" guy in the WWE. He was a perfect match.

    Barrett is one of those guys who is misused by the company. He is one of the best brawlers in the company, and personally, I would love for him to turn face and join Sheamus as a new tag team. 

    There are worse things for Barrett than having someone working with him. As he was the first leader of the Nexus, it would interesting to see if he would be comfortable working for someone instead of someone working for him.

    It is possible Guerrero could lead Barrett to the World Heavyweight Title.

Drew McIntyre

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    Could we finally see the brilliance of McIntyre? The man who was once the "Chosen One" in the WWE could finally prove his commitment to being a real threat to a major title.

    McIntyre certainly has the look of a prime-time wrestler and could be a major player after the summer pay-per-view events.

    It also could lead to another love interest for Guerrero, who we all know cannot resist a chance to swoon over someone with the muscles and accent of McIntyre.

The Prime Time Players

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    This team has been stuck in tag team hell since AW was released from the company.

    Had he been in the fold, don't you think the two superstars would have had gold around their waists by now?

    Having a manager to help them along could be the difference between winning and losing, and Guerrero has proven to be a winner.

Jack Swagger

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    He treated Vickie Guerrero with respect and dignity when Dolph Ziggler did not. I thought there would be a love interest theme between the two of them. Thankfully, there was not.

    Zeb Colter has taken Antonio Cesaro into his stable, which could lead to a backstabbing of sorts. It looks like Cesaro and Colter are a better fit than the original protege, Swagger.

    If Swagger is dumped, could he come running back for Guerrero's help?