Andre Iguodala Sounds Off On Twitter When Kings Reportedly Pull Offer

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2013

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What happened between Andre Iguodala and the Sacramento Kings can only be described as awkward.

Sam Amick of USA Today reported that the Kings offered Iggy a four-year contract worth $52 million. Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski put the deal at $56 million.

Turns out the amount really doesn't matter, because Amick then reported they pulled it.

Iggy responded accordingly, taking to Twitter to show his dismay.

Initially, no one really knew what to make of his mysterious tweets. They weren't news. Enigmatic anecdotes are more like it.

Then this happened, and it all made sense.

Per Amick, the Kings had made Iguodala their top free-agency target and weren't happy that he was taking so long to decide whether or not he was going to accept their offer:

With the team now under new ownership and being run by new general manager and former Denver Nuggets executive Pete D'Alessandro, Iguodala - who was traded to the Nuggets last season after spending his first eight seasons in Philadelphia - became their top target after the New Orleans Pelicans came hard for Kings restricted free agent Tyreke Evans.

But the Kings wanted an answer from Iguodala, who was still considering returning to Denver while also being pursued by the likes of Detroit and others. When Iguodala wasn't prepared to give the answer quick enough for the Kings' liking, they made the calculated decision to go a different direction. What direction that is however, wasn't immediately clear.

Someone might want to explain to Sacramento's new ownership how free agency works in the NBA. They also may want to make sure the Maloofs aren't still pulling strings behind the scenes, as all this reeks of the incompetency they became notorious for.

Free agents must make decisions, and they don't always make them right away. That's their right; that's how this entire process works.

Also, Iggy couldn't have officially signed anything until July 10, when the league's moratorium period was officially lifted. I'm not sure what Sacramento's rush was.

The Kings are attempting to distance themselves from a poor reputation and must remember their past continues to resonate with players around the league. The Maloof brothers dragged their name through the mud, nearly drowning it . You can't blame Iggy for weighing his options, especially when the other consists of him returning to the team that finished third in the Western Conference last season.

Never mind reinventing the organization now, the Kings have dug themselves into an even deeper hole that one free-agency signing isn't going to change. Public perception can be everything and right now, the Kings continue to come across as self-destructive.

Once the shock of having his offer yanked from his hands wears off, I'm sure Iggy will understand that. He'll see that Sacramento did him a favor. A big one.

If him exercising his right as a free agent was enough to turn the franchise against him, then the Kings aren't a team he wants to play for anyway.