Michael Cuddyer's Failure to Extend Streak Proves DiMaggio's Mark Is Unbreakable

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIJuly 2, 2013

Joe DiMaggio's record of 56 consecutive games with a hit will not be broken by Michael Cuddyer, whose 27-game hitting streak came to an end on Tuesday night.

Cuddyer had by far the longest active hitting streak in MLB, but he couldn't even reach the halfway point.

To be fair, Cuddyer did set the record for the Colorado Rockies' all-time hitting streak, but his failure is yet more proof that DiMaggio's record will never be broken.

Seasons have changed, years have changed, centuries have changed...but the one constant has been DiMaggio's record.

He set his record in 1941, over 70 years ago. Since then, only one batter (Pete Rose) has even reached a 40-game hitting streak, but no streak in history has even come within 11 games of DiMaggio's.

The number 56 will remain an untouchable record, and it will outlast the MLB and even mankind.

To hit in 56 games these days is just ridiculous. The game has changed since DiMaggio's day, making it impossible to come close to his record.

In 2012 we saw seven no-hitters pitched. Seven. That also includes three perfect games.

In 2013 we've seen young pitchers like Matt Harvey, Patrick Corbin and more dominate hitters, and even these inexperienced guys can mow down big league hitters.

It's the dominant pitching of today's game that has made it so difficult to string together lengthy hitting streaks.

The longest hitting streak in the MLB in the 21st century was a 38-game hitting streak by Jimmy Rollins from 2005 to 2006.

And then there's the sheer length of time that it takes a batter to build up a hit streak of 56 games.

To put that number in perspective, the Philadelphia Phillies are scheduled to play 56 games from the end of June to the beginning of September. It could take four calendar months of recording a hit in every single game for a guy like Rollins to even tie DiMaggio's streak.

While Michael Cuddyer put together a very impressive stretch of games, he couldn't even get to half of DiMaggio's streak, proving once again that this record will never be broken.