New York Mets: Enter Blandman

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IApril 8, 2008

The only question that honestly remains in my mind after this debacle of a game is, whether the New York Mets bullpen can retire the Mets one through four batters.

Over the last two games, the starters, Johan Santana and Oliver Perez have pitched a combined 12 and two-thirds innings and given up one run giving them and ERA of .7.

In those same games, the bullpen has pitched 5.1 innings and given up seven earned runs, giving them an ERA of 12.3.

In my opinion, this game lays 100 percent on the shoulders of the men in the pen. However, the one through four batters do not get a free pass.

Over these same last two pitiful losses they have gone a combined 2-for-28 given them a batting average of .071.

Just to put it in perspective, Al Leiter had a career batting average of .085, 14 points better than the Mets one through four hitters have done over these last two games.

But if the starters keep giving up zero or one run a game, the one through four hitters shouldn’t have to go crazy.

But, it's a long season and I'm not worried yet.

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