Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow Will Be the Last Men Standing for the Blue Briefcase

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJuly 2, 2013

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No offense to the other guys in the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank match, but it will come down to Cody Rhodes against Damien Sandow for the briefcase.

Their actions on Monday night’s Raw show cemented that.

Did you see how they were so buddy-buddy when they came down the ramp for Rhodes’ match with Antonio Cesaro? They were saying how their friendship will weather any flow of competitive juices in the ring or even the outcome of the match—especially if one of them walks out with the championship contract.

If I may borrow one of Sandow’s fancy $5 words, that is a bunch of blatherskite.

Just look at how Sandow stared at Rhodes as he lay on the mat following Cesaro’s Neutralizer finisher. He might count the Elbow of Disdain as one of his moves, but he definitely was shooting Rhodes the Look of Disdain.

I already have gone on record as saying Rhodes will finally win in his fourth attempt at the briefcase. But aside from that, I also foresee a dynamic storyline coming out of MITB involving the son of a son of a plumber and the snotty blue blood.

Rhodes and Sandow as the last men standing will be the best conclusion that WWE could generate for the MITB match for several reasons.

First, let’s look at the rest of the roster for the match:

Antonio Cesaro and Dean Ambrose are the next two choices aside from Rhodes and Sandow to win the match, but Cesaro is too new into his storyline partnership with Zeb Colter and Ambrose is too much into his program as a member—some say leader—of The Shield. Any momentum Fandango might have built up coming out of WrestleMania 29 skidded to a halt with his concussion.

Wade Barrett will wind up waiting until next year. Again.

As for Jack Swagger, he basically is there to fill the last spot. His steam has vaporized, and this could be the last hurrah for the all-American American.

Second, there is the “jealousy” factor.

Rhodes and Sandow are at the end of their storyline as Team Rhodes Scholars. Sandow has gone on to generate more heat following his surprisingly well done feud with Sheamus, while Rhodes—always a star on the cusp of greatness—has languished along as a high-dollar jobber.

WWE could play it like Rhodes was jealous of his alleged best friend’s success at Rhodes’ expense. A MITB victory and WHC shot would be the ultimate eye poke at the Intellectual Savior of the Masses.

On the other hand, Sandow could claim he always has been jealous of Rhodes because of Rhodes being an established star and getting all the attention during their tag team run. He has grown tired of hearing how Rhodes is a world champion in waiting and all he needs is a strong singles push.

A Sandow victory means he finally has stepped out of Rhodes’ shadow.

Even if the unspeakable happens and neither wins the briefcase, look for the partnership to be irrevocably finished and a very good feud to still come out of MITB between a heel Sandow and a face Rhodes. Friends turned enemies always makes a great story—Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Edge and Christian, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.

Next to a briefcase victory, Rhodes vs. Sandow would be Money in the Bank.

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