R. Kelly Drops Sick Game-Winner at Jamie Foxx's House Because Life Is Awesome

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013

Robert Horry has nothing on R. Kelly.

If you want a clutch, game-winning shot at the crack of dawn, you go see the R&B superstar and let any actual NBA players in the area continue their beauty sleep.

Chris Yuscavage of Complex (h/t Trey Kerby of The Score) caught video of what has to be the greatest game-winner in NBA offseason history. Don't worry about fact-checking that one, because you will be on board the second you see it.

It seems this all went down the Monday morning after Sunday's 2013 BET Awards. Apparently, a crew consisting of R. Kelly and a bunch of guys I am certain are hopped up on 5-Hour Energy drinks decided to ball it up at 5 a.m.

The video is proof positive that you can pack a wealth of awesome into a mere 30 seconds of footage.

Kelly throws up a prayer and gets the bucket to the amusement of all around. The only downside is nobody decided to say, "Game, blouses."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but it certainly sounds like someone, possibly R. Kelly, shouts, "Game!" the moment before the ball splashes through the net.

Being an optimist, I will just go ahead and assume that's exactly what I heard.

With that, we now know people with far more energy and basketball swagger than we possess play their games at five in the morning, and they all end in dramatic fashion.

Great, so now we can expect about 22 music video chapters dedicated to this marvelous shot. Go ahead and clear your calendars accordingly.


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