TNA Hardcore Justice 2 Preview: Monsters Ball, Hardcore Holly and Much More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJuly 3, 2013

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This past January, TNA Wrestling announced that they were cutting a number of their pay-per-view’s from the schedule.

Doing away with monthly live PPVs, fans would see TNA put on four live events over the course of 2013: Genesis in January, Lockdown in March, Slammiversary in June and Bound for Glory in October. In that same announcement, they declared that special shows called One Night Only would replace the cut live PPVs.

They first took place in May and was called One Night Only: X-Travaganza. It was a show featuring the X Division and saw the returns of such matches as Ultimate X and the Xscape match.

Fans also saw the likes of Matt Bentley, Douglas Williams, Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt return as well. With the co-main event of Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn and Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries, X-Travaganza kicked off the One Night Only events with a bang.

The next PPV that took place in May was known as Joker’s Wild. In it, teams were randomly paired together in a tournament with the winners facing off in a Gauntlet match for a 100,000 dollar check. That event saw the returns of Gunner and Crimson, and James Storm win it all.

This week will see TNA’s newest One Night Only event air on Friday night, and it will be called Hardcore Justice 2.  On a night TNA Wrestling gets extreme, the company has booked seven big matches.


The New Church (Brian Lee and Slash) vs. Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez): Street Fight

The New Church, also known as the Disciples of the New Church, were last seen in TNA Wrestling in 2003. Consisting of a number of members, including Mike Awesome, Shane Douglas and Vampiro, the New Church was led by Father James Mitchell.

The group, specifically Brian Lee and Slash, have held the NWA World Tag Team Championship once, before they were disbanded by Raven. Now, after 10 years, The New Church returns to TNA.

Their opponents will be the Latin American Xchange consisting of Homicide and Hernandez.

In 2005, LAX made their debut with Konnan as their manager and mouthpiece. Before the team officially broke up in 2010, Homicide and Hernandez would win the NWA World Tag Team Championship twice and the TNA World Tag Team Championship on one occasion.

After three years, the Latin American Xchange will be returning to TNA and will compete in one of their specialties: a Street Fight.


Jackie Moore vs. ODB: No Disqualification Match

ODB has been with TNA since the creation of the Knockouts division in 2007. She is a former three-time TNA Knockouts champion and a one-time, and final, TNA Knockouts Tag Team champion.

While she would leave TNA in 2010, ODB would make a return the following year. Known as one of the toughest women on the roster, ODB is now the referee of the Knockouts division. She returns to action at Hardcore Justice 2 against somebody she partnered with upon her 2011 return, Jackie Moore.

Jackie is without a doubt one of the toughest women professional wrestling has ever seen. A two-time WWE (then WWF) Women’s champion and one-time WWE Cruiserweight champion, Jackie took on all comers.

In 2004, she made her first appearance in TNA, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she became a mainstay in the company as a wrestler and manager to James Storm and Beer Money.

Jackie will now be making her first appearance in TNA since 2011 and will be going one-on-one with somebody just as tough as she is in a No Disqualification match.


Generation Me (Max and Jeremy Buck) vs. Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian): Ladder Match

In January 2012, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian formed a team that would later be known as Bad Influence. Originally targeting AJ Styles, Daniels and Kazarian soon became one of the best teams TNA has ever had.

Separately, Bad Influence helped pioneer the X Division, but together, they are an unstoppable force of tag team wrestling and entertainment. As former two-time TNA World Tag Team champions, Bad Influence still target those belts. For now, though, they target a victory in the Bound for Glory Series.

Their opponents will be Max and Jeremy Buck of Generation Me. Also known as The Young Bucks, the two brothers have wrestled all over the world. They made their first appearance in TNA in 2009, and are best remembered for their memorable matches against Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns.

Last appearing as X Division singles competitors, Generation Me left in 2011. Two years later, Max and Jeremy Buck make their returns to take on Bad Influence in a Ladder match.


2 Cold Scorpio vs. Guido vs. Crowbar vs. Sam Shaw vs. Gunner vs. Crimson vs. Johnny Swinger vs. Shark Boy: Eight-Man Hardcore Gauntlet Match

In a Hardcore Gauntlet match, eight wrestlers will battle it out to see who the best is. First, there is 2 Cold Scorpio.

Scorpio has wrestled for the big three: WWF/E, WCW and ECW. In WCW, he held the World Tag Team Championship once, and while in ECW, he was a one-time ECW World Tag Team champion and a record four-time World Television champion.

In the WWF, he went by both his current name and by Flash Funk. After making a brief return to WWE in 2006 as Funk, he made an appearance at TNA’s ECW reunion show Hardcore Justice in 2010. Now after three years, Scorpio returns at that very same event.

Guido, also known as Little Guido and Nunzio, is best known for his time in ECW as a member of the Full Blooded Italians and in WWE as Nunzio.

A former ECW World Tag Team champion and WWE Cruiserweight champion, Guido also first appeared in TNA at the 2010 Justice event. Much like Scorpio, he’ll be making his first appearance in three years.

Crowbar is probably best known for his time in WCW alongside David Flair and Daffney. While with WCW, he was a WCW Cruiserweight, Hardcore and World Tag Team champion. He first appeared for TNA in 2002 as Tempest in The New Church, but he hasn’t appeared since. 11 years later, Crowbar will be returning.

Johnny Swinger may be best known for his team with Simon Diamond in ECW. While they may have never held the tag titles, they did go onto TNA to win the NWA World Tag Team Championship. Swinger was last seen at the 2010 Justice event, but will now be making his return.

Sam Shaw, Gunner, Crimson and Shark Boy have all made recent appearance with TNA. In fact, Gunner is one-half of the TNA World Tag Team champions with James Storm.

Those four current TNA talent will have to prove how hardcore they can be as they face-off against some hardcore opponents.


Aces & Eights (D.O.C., Knux and Wes Brisco) vs. James Storm, Magnus and Bob Holly

The Aces & Eights have been terrorizing TNA for a year now. Led by TNA World Heavyweight champion Bully Ray, the gang has taken out and injured many on the TNA roster.

Many have tried and failed to take the power away from them, but things may soon change thanks to Sting and his new Main Event Mafia. At Hardcore Justice 2, the group will have shift focus, though.

D.O.C., Knux and Wes Brisco will have to go up against two previous targets in TNA World Tag Team champion James Storm and Bound for Glory Series competitor Magnus. Their partner is somebody that is the definition of hardcore.

Bob “Hardcore” Holly will be making his TNA debut at this event. The former NWA World Tag Team champion, WWF/E World Tag Team champion and WWF/E Hardcore champion will be coming to TNA Wrestling to show the Aces & Eights the meaning of hardcore.


Mesias vs. Joseph Park: Monsters Ball Match

Mesias, also known as Judas Mesias, is a former AAA World Heavyweight champion in Mexico. He made his debut with TNA Wrestling in 2007 with James Mitchell by his side.

He would target Abyss upon his debut and after a bloody feud ended in Barbed Wired Massacre, Mesias left TNA in 2008. It’s been five years since Mesias has been seen in TNA, but now he will be making his return.

His eyes remain locked onto the Park family, as his opponent will be Abyss’ brother, Joseph Park.

Last year, Joe Park made his debut looking for a missing Abyss. The lawyer would cross paths with his final opponent at the time, Bully Ray, and later the Aces & Eights. Abyss would make the occasional return, but Joseph would always miss his brother.

Most recently, Abyss returned at Slammiversary XI to take the TNA Television Championship away from Aces & Eights member Devon, but it seems like The Monster has disappeared once again. Due to that, his brother will have to deal with the returning Mesias in the Monsters Ball match.


Team 3D vs. Jeff Hardy and Brother Runt: Tables Match

Team 3D and Jeff Hardy have a long history together. The three men go back to the first-ever Tables, Ladders & Chairs match between the then-Dudley Boyz, the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian at SummerSlam 2000, and between the three teams again at WrestleMania X-Seven in 2001.

Brother Runt, formally Spike Dudley, would be there right alongside his brothers, but the Dudley’s weren’t always a loving family. Bubba Ray and Devon would have heated feuds with Spike in their original home of ECW, as well as in WWE. In the end, though, family always came first.

In TNA, Bubba and Devon became Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D, and became 23-time World Tag Team champions in the process. After breaking up in 2010, Ray became Bully Ray, but three years later, the brothers were reunited as members of the Aces & Eights.

At Hardcore Justice 2, Team 3D will be reforming to reignite their feud with one-half of the Hardy Boyz in 3D’s signature match: the Tables match. Hardy won’t be alone, though, as he will be joined by Brother Runt, who last appeared for TNA at the 2010 Hardcore Justice event.

On paper, One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 2 looks like a very fun show. Can TNA Wrestling pull off another exciting One Night Only event? Tune in Friday night on pay-per-view to find out!


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