5 Dallas Cowboys Jerseys You Likely Rocked During Your Childhood

Alex HallCorrespondent IIIJuly 5, 2013

5 Dallas Cowboys Jerseys You Likely Rocked During Your Childhood

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    Every football fan remembers their favorite jerseys from childhood, and the Cowboys faithful are no different.

    Dallas hasn't majorly changed its uniform since removing the stars from the shoulders in the early 1960s. What the team's fans might lack in diverse jersey choices is made up for by the long list of memorable players.

    Regardless of what generation one might've grown up in, the Cowboys have always had Hall of Fame-worthy players. Let's take a look at which player jerseys and other throwbacks most Dallas fans likely rocked during their childhood.

Roger Staubach

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    Any Cowboys fan who grew up while Roger Staubach was still under center in Big D had to own a replica of his jersey.

    With the Cowboys team legend jerseys available, even young fans nowadays can rock a No. 12 Dallas jersey.

    No matter how many years removed Staubach becomes from throwing touchdown passes, he will forever be one of the most popular players in Cowboys history.

    Staubach was one of the driving forces behind the Cowboys emerging as one of the NFL's elite teams, and for that, he will always be loved by the fans.

    There are few classier jerseys to sport than one with "Staubach" written on the back.

Michael Irvin

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    Michael Irvin is arguably the most decorated wide receiver in Cowboys history and the bad boy of "The Triplets." If you were a middle or high schooler during Dallas' heyday in the 1990s, chances are you wanted a No. 88 jersey.

    Irvin tallied six seasons with 1,000 or more receiving yards and five trips to the Pro Bowl—good enough for one ticket into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Besides his talent on the field, Irvin's bravado made him the most colorful player on the offense back in his playing days.

    When you have the nickname of "The Playmaker," you've got to do a whole lot to back your claim up. Irvin did that day in and day out during his career while making sure everyone heard about it.

    His legal troubles off the field over the years likely didn't make parents happy. That didn't stop young Cowboys fans from celebrating his performance on the field by owning a Irvin jersey, though.

    Irvin might be no stranger to controversy, but he's also no stranger to the adoration of Dallas fans regardless of their age.

Deion Sanders

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    Much for the same reason that Michael Irvin was a fan favorite, Deion Sanders was and still is a player 'Boys fans love.

    Sanders bounced from team to team during his career but spent five productive years in the Cowboys secondary. The man they call "Primetime" was one of those talents who told you how good he was with his mouth and with his work on the field.

    Sanders won one of his two Super Bowl rings with the Cowboys and went to four Pro Bowls while with the team. He may have been a hired gun, but he's been loved by every team he's suited up for.

    While he wasn't a lifelong Cowboy like others on this list, any jersey fanatic can appreciate a Dallas No. 21 Sanders jersey.

    Many Cowboys fans growing up in the 1990s were probably wearing Troy Aikman or Irvin jerseys. More than a few likely donned a Sanders one as well considering his popularity and production.

Bob Lilly

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    An 11-time Pro Bowler, Bob Lilly was one of the first stellar athletes to don the Dallas uniform. He was a member of the 1960s and 1970s NFL All-Decade teams and dubbed "Mr. Cowboy" for this and many other reasons.

    Lilly was born in Texas. He played at Texas Christian University and spent his whole professional career playing for his home state's most recognizable team. Lilly is a lifelong Texan, and the Cowboys faithful have always loved him for that and for his play on the field.

    Back in the early days of the Cowboys and jersey sales, Lilly was the idol for young fans to look up to and easily one of the most popular players. Still one of the most iconic names from yesteryear, on occasion, his jersey can still be seen being worn at Cowboys games or around Dallas.

1994 Throwback Jerseys

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    The stars on the shoulders returned to the Dallas Cowboys jerseys on Thanksgiving in 1994, and boy did the team look sharp. The year marked the 75th year of NFL football and the 35th anniversary of the Cowboys coming into the league. 

    It was also the year that the star-studded team from Dallas won first place in the NFC East, going 12-4 in the regular season. The Cowboys lost in the NFC title game 38-28 against familiar rival San Francisco.

    The '94 season did not end with the 'Boys hoisting a Super Bowl title, but the team had a successful year and looked great doing so.

    While some might call the uniforms busy, the stars on the shoulders with the blue and white jersey were a great tribute to the team's early days. The jersey was an updated take on the original from 1960 and no doubt excited the fans.

    Dallas is known for its symbolic white jerseys, but every fan wants some variety in jersey selection. No doubt younger fans added this throwback uniform to their Christmas list after the Thanksgiving debut.

    Still one of the best jerseys the Cowboys have ever donned, the team store likely enjoyed plenty of sales after debuting these during the '94 season.