Minnesota Vikings: Old No. 17 Controversy

Preston ParkerCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

One, 9, 13, 17.

What do all these numbers have in common?

These four numbers are the only eligible numbers for a QB to wear that are currently available in Minnesota.

Notice the absence of No. 4.

If Brett Favre does in fact sign with the Minnesota Vikings this season, he has two choices: buy the No. 4 off of second year quarterback John David Booty, or pull a Montana and wear a different number than the one he is so frequently associated with.

Yes, it would be weird to watch Favre, whose No. 4 is as easily recognized as a Chimchar at ComicCon, to wear one of those four numbers (ironic, how four numbers are available, isn't it!). But we'll get used to it, just like we've gotten used to seeing Brett Favre make his return every summer. 

Montana's change from 16 to 19 was difficult, and Favre's change from 4 to one, nine, 13, or 17 could be just as difficult to swallow. But in the end, it's all kind of pointless.  Favre will more than likely buy the number from Booty. But that'll just have to be a different episode in "As the Brett Turns...."