Rams' Tavon Austin Provides Teachable Moment on Twitter and Strippers

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013

Follow a stripper on Twitter, and you get noticed by more than a few people. Follow a few strippers, and you get yourself called into the general manager's office. 

Larry Brown Sports managed to spot a peculiar story from the initial throes of what looks to be a promising career for Rams rookie Tavon Austin. 

Austin—taken No. 8 overall by the Rams in the 2013 NFL draft—was at Nike’s "The Opening," a football camp for high school stars

At some point, Austin spoke to some of the young men in the crowd, imparting newly formed wisdom he received all because of some rather tenuous Twitter decisions. 

Here is what he had to say, via a tweet from Taylor Holiday

Larry Brown Sports had a report dated back in April wherein they chronicled some dubious follows by the 22-year-old. Peppered among various sports personalities were the likes of ThickRedBone and Ms. Jazii XXX. 

The website took notice and offered a lighthearted warning, but the new followers also caught the eye and ire of general manager Les Snead. At least, that's how the story goes from Austin. 

Just as LBS points out, Austin is still very much active on Twitter, posting items nearly everyday in the past week or so. 

Austin hasn't completely cleaned up his account, because one of the 402 people he is currently following includes a user by the name of Michelle whose description simply states, "stripper."

So there's that. 

When the rookie offers that he is "off Twitter," maybe he means he is done accepting sexy followers into his Twittersphere. 

Or perhaps he just means he is far more mindful about whom he accepts and what he tweets, which is just solid advice for anyone with an account. 

There is really just one thing a budding star athlete needs to ask himself: Will this get me in trouble? If the answer is yes, the best idea is to refrain from doing whatever that might be. 

As we have seen so often, many athletes have trouble doing this one simple task. With that, we remind everyone to practice safe tweeting. 


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