Bishop Allen Academy Hires The WWE: Week 1

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMay 7, 2009

This is the start of my new series. It's school with WWE superstars as teachers. This series won't be mainly concentrated on the WWE superstars, but more on the main guys me and Nathan. Oh yeah and congrats to Nathan Migeul, since we already go to school together might as well make us main characters here. I'll only be doing the last two or three classes(note: classes will change).

Music Class

(Festus) C'mon kids I know you can hit that high note.

Bell goes time to switch classes.

(Fesutus goes back to his inactive self as the bell rings luckily for us he wrote down what he was suppose to say)

(Note) Memorize that song by heart because when we sing it at the concert you will be assessed for it. It's worth 33% of your final mark.


(Me) Glad that was over. I hate Festus so much. Doesn't he know I can't sing falsetto.

(Nathan) I know I can relate. How the hell are we suppose to sing at that concert?

(Me) I don't know.

(Nathan) Hey Svyato, here come's you know who.

(Me) Will you stop with that? *Pushes Nathan*

(Kelly) Hey guys!

(Nathan) Hey.

(Svyato) Hi Kelly(nervously said).

(Kelly) He you guys are coming to the dance next week right.

(Nathan) Oh yeah, I'm taking my girlfriend Lucy.

(Kelly) How 'bout you Svyato?

(Svyato) Well uh no, I mean maybe well...

(Kelly) Gotcha. Well cya Guys.

(Nathan) Bye!

(Svyato) Bubububye(nervous again).

(Kelly) Right *leaves*

(Nathan) Well Svyato?

(Svyato) Well what?

(Nathan) You gonna ask her to the dance?

(Svyato) We'll see.

(Nathan) C'mon I want a better answer!

(Svyato) Maybe after gym.

Gym Class

(Batista) Come on faster! Are you honestly that weak that you can't climb a stupid rope. C'mon get to it. Argh, is there anyone here that's not as weak as a feather?

(Nathan) I hate gym because it's only a chance for Andrew to show off how strong he is. Plus Batista, don't even get me started.

(Svyato) Hey dude, just because you hate it doesn't mean you don't need it. I mean look at me, ever since I started taking Batista's classes I've gotten way stronger.

(Nathan) You know some students say they've seen him take steroids.

(Svyato) I know, but I think it's a load of bull****.

(Nathan) Are you serious look at him that's just not natural.

(Batista) Rovenchuk your up!

(Svyato) Sweat. *Climbs rope perfectly and slides back down*

(Batista) That is why your one of my favourite students.

*Svyato smiles*

(Svyato) Your up man.

*Nathan gulps*

(Batista) Migeul your up.

(Nathan) Here goes nothing. *Climbs halfway* I can't do it!

(Batista) Your worthless! Get out of my class.

*Girls laugh*

(Nathan) Can this get any worse? *Shorts fall down* I had to ask. *Gets laughed out of the gym*

*Rest of gym class passes*


(Batista) That's it guys go home.

(Svyato) Hey Batista, can I ask you something?

(Batista) What?

(Svyato) What's Nathan's grade?

(Batista) Hard to say, somewhere between and F and a D-!

(Svyato) Ouch.

(Batista) Yeah. Actually pass something on to him. Tell him to put it in his drink. Maybe it'll help.

(Svyato) Kay.

Walking Home

(Svyato) So how are you doing after that?

(Nathan) Well since it's not the first time and definitely not the last, I'll live on.

(Svyato) Btw, Batista told me to give you this. He says to drink it. 

(Nathan) What is it?

(Svyato) Iunno.

(Nathan) Eh. *Puts it in his bag* Oh yeah, you still haven't told me, are you going to ask Kelly to the dance?

(Svyato) Well look at that we're at my house, cya.

(Nathan) This isn't your house.

(Svyato) Oh well anyway cya tomorrow.

(Nathan) Grrrr. Fine then you'll just tell me tomorrow.

(Svyato) While running says "Keep dreaming."

(Nathan) You will!

(Svyato) Right.

Week one over!


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