Felix Sturm vs. Pedrag Radosevic: Preview and Prediction for Middleweight Bout

Kevin McRae@@McRaeWritesFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2013

Felix Sturm vs. Pedrag Radosevic: Preview and Prediction for Middleweight Bout

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    Former WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm will return to action this Saturday night in Dortmund, Germany, as he takes on undefeated Predrag Radosevic.

    Sturm, whose last fight was overturned to a no-contest after his opponent tested positive for performance enhancers, is looking to get back into the middleweight title hunt with a win.

    His opponent, the undefeated but untested Radosevic, is simply trying to make a name for himself and claim his biggest victory to date.

    Read on for our complete preview and prediction for Saturday's big fight!

Tale of the Tape

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    On paper it would appear that the two fighters are pretty evenly matched. Sturm has the obvious advantage in experience, both in time spent in-ring and in quality of opposition, but physically, the fighters are very even.

    Sturm possesses a slight height advantage, which could provide a boon for him since this is likely to be a technical boxing match. Neither guy possesses much power, with both sporting knockout percentages below 40 percent.



    37-3-2, 16 KO


    27-0, 9 KO

    Height: 5'11 1/2" 5'10"


    73" Unlisted
    Weight: 160 160
    Stance: Orthodox Orthodox
    Hometown: Leverkusen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    Podgorica, Montenegro
    Rounds: 333 174

Main Storylines

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    Felix Sturm is coming off the toughest stretch of his career, and might be fighting to save it. His last two fights haven't gone his way. Late last year, he lost a split decision, and his WBA middleweight title, to Daniel Geale and then was defeated by Sam Soliman to open up 2013. The latter fight was later changed to a no-contest, after Soliman tested positive for a banned substance, but the writing on the wall is clear—win or go home.

    Predrag Radosevic is unbeaten but untested in his career. The 28-year-old has strung together 27 consecutive victories against unknown or unspectacular opposition. He will be taking big step-up in facing Sturm, a two-time champion at 160 pounds, and will be looking to make a name for himself with a victory.


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    Felix Sturm is the more experienced fighter by a wide margin. He's been on this stage before and knows how to handle the pressure of a big fight. He's a two-time middleweight champion and knows what it takes to win, especially at home in Germany.

    Sturm is a good boxer, with a stiff jab that he uses to control the distance of the fight. He's a very accurate puncher who likes to time his opponents for counterpunches and has a very solid defense. He'll look to exploit all these advantages against his unproven opponent.

    Pregrad Radosevic is a fast fighter who likes to move around a lot and fire off quick combinations. He has a very high work rate, which gives fighters trouble.

    He will be the faster fighter come fight night, and he'll look to exploit his speed advantages by darting in, firing a few shots, and getting out. He's the type of fighter that outworks his opponents.


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    Felix Sturm has a tendency to be anemic in the ring and not throw enough punches. That could be a recipe for disaster against a fighter like Radosevic who will throw punches in bunches all night long. Sturm will need to be active, and throw more than a jab in order to win the fight.

    Like his opponent, he also doesn't possess much punching power with just 16 knockouts in 37 career wins.

    Predrag Radosevic is an unknown quantity. He's considered by some to be a pretty solid prospect, but he hasn't been in the ring against an opponent that could provide a measuring stick as to his true talents. His inexperience could be a big problem going in against Sturm, who has twice been a champion, and knows how to win.

    If anything he might have even less power than Sturm, with just 9 knockouts in his 27 victories against lesser opposition. 

Felix Sturm Will Win If...

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    Felix Sturm needs to pump his jab all night in order to disrupt his opponent's rhythm. The book on Sturm is that he doesn't have the highest work-rate, and he will need to limit Radosevic's output in order to keep himself from losing rounds on activity alone. 

    If Sturm is able to use his jab, even if it's just as a range-finder, and prevent Radosevic from getting his shots off first, he should be able to pull out a decision victory. But he'll need to also counterpunch effectively and make sure that his opponent doesn't get on the inside.

Predrag Radosevic Will Win If...

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    Predrag Radosevic's clearest path to victory is one with which he has proven to be comfortable. He will simply need to outwork Felix Sturm. That's not necessarily as hard as it may sound, as the 34-year-old former champion has been known to fight without urgency in the past.

    Radosevic will need to use his speed advantages to get in, and get out, and get past Sturm's stiff jab. If he's able to get on the inside and land his combinations, he could pull out a win by simply being the busier fighter.

And the Winner Is...

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    Felix Sturm knows that he's fighting for his career, and that urgency will shine through. His opponent is young, unproven, and has never faced an opponent of his caliber before. That's a tall order, plus, he's going to have to go into Germany and win a decision against the hometown fighter. Anyone who has tried that in the past can tell you how difficult a task it can be.

    Sturm will use his jab effectively to disrupt Radosevic's offensive attack. He will mostly be successful at preventing him from getting off the type of quick combinations that have won him fights in the past. The outcome will be less than convincing, as Sturm will lose a few rounds by simply not being active enough, but he'll bank enough to pull out a close, some might say controversial, majority decision.

    Felix Sturm 115-113