My Five Favorite NBA Players

Adam PierreContributor IMay 6, 2009

5. Rasheed Wallace

One of the biggest mouths in the league, Rasheed Wallace holds the record for the most technical fouls in one season. In the 2000-01 season he had 41 technical fouls. But sometimes he knows when to shut his mouth and play. And when he does, Wallace can be a solid contributor, possessing a deadly shot from the top of the key while in motion.


4. Ron Artest

Not a big name for a favorite player, but at least he plays better than he raps. Aside from him beating up fans, he always is a problem on the court. When the other team has a player who needs to be shut down, Ron Artest is your guy. Not only can he lock in on "D" but he can do his thing on offense too.


3. LeBron James

LeBron James is a 6'8'', 250-pound monster. Now when you think of 250 pounds, you usually think fat and slow, but this guy can move. When he goes to the hole he cannot be stopped. He can dunk great and is compared to Jordan—what more can you ask for? Some criticise his jump shot, but he is improving it and is a great leader.


2. Kobe Bryant

The best player you can get, the full package, and he plays defense unlike other superstars. Kobe may never win without Shaq but he will always be better. Kobe is the biggest problem in the league when you're on "D" and there is nothing else to be said.


1. Dirk Nowitzki

I am a kid and when people ask me who my favorite player is they think it's weird. Either that or they say he sucks. But Nowitzki is a 7'0" power forward who can shoot lights out. The thing I like most about Nowitzki is his fade away, one of the hardest shots to block. When people see him play he looks like he's not in control and looks sloppy, goofy, or whatever, but Dirk is in control and knows what he's doing.