8 College Football Teams That Need a New Mascot

Sean FryeFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2013

8 College Football Teams That Need a New Mascot

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    Teams across the country are identified by their mascot names. Some are pretty cool, like the Virginia Tech Hokies or the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

    But some are equally as bad, like the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns or the Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

    Then there's teams that are named after just colors, like the Stanford Cardinal and the Syracuse Orange. Nobody is scared or intimidated by a color. 

    With that said, here are the eight schools across the country that need to think about updating their mascot names. 

Nebraska Cornhuskers

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    Whenever I hear the name Cornhuskers, I immediately think of the Daniel Tosh comedy routine where he rips into Nebraska for being a state that's obsessed with corn. 

    I don't mean to imply that the corn industry isn't vital to the U.S. economy, but it's just not edgy enough to be a mascot name. 

    It's not like any of the Kansas schools are called the Wheat Pickers. That would just be as ridiculous.

    Plus, they could've gone in the direction of choosing a mascot based on tornadoes, since Nebraska is in tornado alley. The Omaha Storm Chasers, a minor league baseball team, have a pretty cool mascot name. 

    Heck, even just using "Tornadoes" would probably be cooler than "Cornhuskers." 

Tulane Green Wave

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    If you've ever been to a beach with big waves, you know that they're pretty cool to watch. But unless you're actually in the water with 30-foot waves going over your head, they're not that scary. 

    It's also established that colors aren't intimidating either. 

    That's why the Tulane Green Wave seriously need a makeover. Seriously, the image I get with a Green Wave is a beach that's completely overrun by pollution. 

    That doesn't strike fear in the hearts of many. It's just disgusting. 

    Plus, the uniform combination of baby blue with green is just as aesthetically unpleasing.  

Syracuse Orange

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    Most people don't wake up in the middle of the night in sweats from a bad dream about the color Orange.

    That's why Syracuse needs to find a better mascot. As was mentioned in the Tulane slide, colors aren't good enough to be mascot names. 

    It doesn't help Syracuse's case that their mascot is just an anthropomorphic fruit. They're not even really hiding the fact that they're just a color. 

    Orange is cool enough where if you threw in the right animal name after it, the name could be pretty edgy. But for now, Orange doesn't cut it. 

Tulsa Golden Hurricane

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    First off, Tulsa, Oklahoma doesn't often get hurricanes. So this name isn't even geographically relevant. 

    Secondly, a hurricane of the golden variety sounds not only random, but kind of inappropriate. 

    And lastly, there's something about the fact that it's only one hurricane. If the mascot name were plural, like the Miami Hurricanes, this one might not have made this list. 

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

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    The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers are right up there with the worst mascot name in all of sports. 

    They're called the Hilltoppers simply because the school sits on a hill 200 feet above the Barren River. For a school to base it's entire mascot name off of that insignificant factoid is ridiculous. 

    Secondly, Big Red, the red blob that prances on the sidelines, just makes things worse. There's no direction in that mascot. It's just weird and too random. 

    In full disclosure though, Big Red did make it onto a pretty funny "This is Sportscenter" commercial

Idaho Vandals

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    To give credit where credit is due, I'm impressed that Idaho's mascot doesn't have something to do with potatoes. And I congratulate the entire university for that. 

    But they could have chosen something better than Vandals. 

    The history of the name dates back to a writer from the school's student newspaper who described the school's basketball team as a bunch of "vandals." 

    Still, it's all about the connotation of the name. And when I think of vandals, I think of punk teenagers spray painting the side of the school. 

    That's not exactly the most terrifying image for a mascot.

Stanford Cardinal

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    The Stanford Cardinal is in the same boat as the Syracuse Orange. Their mascot is a color, and colors suck as mascots. 

    Also, I think the entire country is over the tree. Nobody cares that a weird-looking tree, that technically isn't even the school mascot and is just part of the band, dances around the sidelines during the games. It has nothing to do with the school mascot name. 

Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns

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    There's not a single mascot name in America that embodies a region's stereotype more than the Ragin' Cajuns at Louisiana-Lafayette.  

    What's even worse is that the mascot that runs around on the sidelines is aptly named, "Cayenne." 

    Sure, people from Louisiana love Cajun food, mainly because it's actually pretty good. 

    But it's not a good mascot name. I don't see how sports broadcasters get through games without laughing every time they yell out the name Ragin' Cajuns. 

    Simply put, this mascot name is awful. They need to change it.