Houston Astros Fan Completely Fails to Catch Foul Ball, Gets Destroyed by Seat

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 2, 2013


In a season dotted with wins and continuously shelled with losses, it’s somehow fitting to see that things aren’t going that much better in the stands for the Houston Astros' fans.

The latest Houston demolition came at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays, who unloaded on the Astros in an overwhelming 12-0 victory on Monday night.

One particularly Houston-y moment involved a fan racking himself on a row of seats while failing miserably to catch a foul ball. It's Always Sunny in Detroit spotted the incident, and it’ll make you chuckle with equal parts mirth and sadness.

Bill Hanstock of SB Nation provides us with a wonderful GIF of the incident, because foul balls and pain are meant to be watched on loop.

For reference, the ball was hit by Rays outfielder Matt Joyce, and it was one of the few balls hit by the Rays that didn't add to their 17-hit tally.

Notice this fan’s friends, who are doing their best not to die from laughter. They came to an Astros game, knew the risks and still can’t believe what just happened.

Also worth mentioning is how this fan points down to the decks below, as if he’s saying, “Yeah, you better enjoy that ball. You’re lucky I didn’t catch it.”

Sir, you just charley-horsed yourself into the pavement while trying to catch a can of corn. You can’t just start yelling at other people and expect to save face. The only thing you can do after this is grab $20, find the biggest beer you can and sip it quietly until time expires. 

There’s a time to be a hero, and there’s a time to brood quietly. For Astros fans, 2013 is the latter of these two.