Twitter Responds to Hottest NBA Free Agency Rumors Surrounding Dwight Howard

Robby Baker@@Robby__BakerContributor IIIJuly 2, 2013

Howard is this offseason's biggest prize.
Howard is this offseason's biggest prize.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming NBA free agency period and Dwight Howard, because the balance of power in the NBA lies in the hands of Superman.

All eyes will be on Howard come July 10.

It has become clear from reports that the 6'11'' center is more than open to testing the free agent waters, and as each day goes on seems more unlikely to return to Los Angeles.

It appears the Houston Rockets are the front-runners in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, and this has caused the Los Angeles Lakers to stoop to new lows in trying to woo Howard to stay.

The Lakers have launched a massive media campaign with the slogan #STAYD12.

While this may appear like a cheeky way to get the star center's attention, it seems like something a storied franchise should be above.

Players should want to go and put on the Lakers jersey and be a part of that organization. They shouldn't be begging for players to stay in it. It diminishes the brand.

As the Lakers attempt to keep Howard, the Rockets got some help in their efforts from Houston-based rapper Slim Thug.

While these tweets are entertaining it seems unlikely that they will actually sway Howard. It is interesting, however, to see how social media is playing into this.

Lakers' point guard Steve Nash also took to Twitter recently in his own attempt to keep Howard in Los Angeles.

According to ESPN though Nash might be a little too late.

ESPN's J.A. Adande says the Rockets are easily the best destination for Howard. 

A chance to play with an ascending star in James Harden and learn low-post moves from Kevin McHale, with no state taxes to soften the financial blow from leaving the Lakers? Add in the Asian marketing inroads from Yao Ming's legacy and the presence of Jeremy Lin and Houston looks like the most appealing destination for Dwight.

It's hard not to agree with Adande.

All the stars seem to be aligning for the Rockets to land this offseason's biggest prize.

If Houston does end up signing Howard, it would make them one of, if not the favorites in the Western Conference. The Rockets were a playoff team last year, and adding the best center in the game could take them to the top.

Howard heading to Houston would not only propel them to the next level but would send the Lakers in a Celtic-like downward spiral.

The Lakers already have an old roster and a banged-up superstar in Kobe Bryant. Losing Howard would mean their playoff chances go from okay to minimal.

Just one year ago, the NBA went into a frenzy pronouncing the Lakers as the team to match the Miami Heat. Now that team may be the Rockets.