Will Feuding with The Shield Take The Usos to the Next Level in WWE?

Anthony MangoFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2013

This is not the kickoff to a big Usos run. (photo courtesy of WWE.com)
This is not the kickoff to a big Usos run. (photo courtesy of WWE.com)

The Usos may be in one of the highest profile feuds of their career, but in the grand scheme of things, it's going to amount to absolutely nothing. This upcoming title match against The Shield seems like a big deal before you start truly analyzing the situation.

The Shield is one of the most popular entities in WWE today. Although the group has been booked to lose more often than it ever has in the past, it is still one of the primary focal points in the company.

Where, in comparison, do The Usos stand?

Before this month, The Usos had been stuck on C-level shows like Saturday Morning Slam and Main Event. If Jimmy and Jey found their way onto Raw or SmackDown, it was typically to lose without drawing much attention to themselves.

Unfortunately for them, this match is no different.

In particular, it speaks volumes that this is the match that has been chosen by WWE to fit the pre-show "kickoff" slot, which is generally reserved for bouts that aren't necessarily important. While true, it is better to wrestle on the pre-show than to not be on the card at all, and last month even included a legitimate main eventer in Sheamus, that does not mean that this match will be given any real spotlight at all.

The reason this match exists is to kill time before some more worthy contenders to The Shield's championship are able to challenge.

The premise is for some team—which happens to be The Usos in this case—to lose to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, who need to be on the card in some fashion. The Shield defending the titles is the focal point, not The Usos challenging for them.

The Usos had relatively no credibility until a few weeks ago when WWE started rushing to give them some steam. This has been done entirely to make them look like bigger threats to the Tag Team Championship than they truly are. Without momentum, the fans aren't going to be interested. Squash matches don't sell as well as contests between foes that can go back-and-forth.

Considering how rush jobs are done from a lack of planning and care, it's safe to say that The Usos won't continue to ride this momentum and keep climbing higher and higher on the roster. If the idea is to have them win the titles from The Shield, there would have been more attention drawn to them to make them look like bigger deals. If they lose the title shot, that does nothing but hurt them.

Even if this is booked as an even match, wherein The Usos are made to look competitive and formidable, there isn't much meat on the bones of the feud to keep it going after this pay-per-view. Ending it after one title match effectively means that this is just a transitional feud that shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Feuding with The Shield has given Jimmy and Jey a booster shot of adrenaline for their careers, but adrenaline wears out. This will end up being a sugar rush that lasts all the way up until the start of Money in the Bank and then comes crashing down.

There are bigger fish to fry and The Usos are not being positioned as big fish in a small pond, no matter what struggles the tag team division is going through. Their worth is up higher than it has been since perhaps their debut feud with the Hart Dynasty, but if history tells us anything, it's that this high will not last.

The Usos are doing about as well as WWE will ever let them do, which is nothing to be ashamed of.


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