Houston Rockets Go to the Second Round...But Tracy McGrady Doesn't

Adam PierreContributor IMay 6, 2009

This season, Tracy McGrady played 35 of 82 games.

In those 35 games T-Mac averaged 15 points, four rebounds, and 4 assists.

Then he got injured.

Well, with my team the Dallas Mavericks being in the same conference as the Rockets, I've seen him play a lot. T-Mac is an All Star every year and makes the playoffs almost every year. But he never makes it to the second round.

Now as you can see his team makes the playoffs without him. With T-Mac out, players like Ron Artest and Yao Ming take over.

But do the Rockets really need T-Mac? Not at all!

I really do feel bad for him, though. They have things they need for a winning team, but just don't win with him in the postseason. The Rockets need to trade him right away.