Brandon Jennings Free Agency Rumors: Latest on Bucks, Mavericks and More

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJuly 2, 2013

Brandon Jennings Free Agency Rumors: Latest on Bucks, Mavericks and More

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    With the MIlwaukee Bucks set to potentially lose both Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis in free agency this year, it would make sense for them to land something in return.

    Because of that, Jennings' name will likely be involved in many sign-and-trade scenarios over the next few weeks, especially since he is a restricted free agent, and the Bucks have the final say in whether he stays or goes.

    However, the hardest thing to pin down has been whether or not Jennings wants to stay, and whether or not the Bucks want him to stay.

    Both sides have changed their story from month-to-month, week-to-week and day-to-day, but neither has shown consistency with what they want.

    For now, it seems best to operate under the assumption that Jennings is available should another team overpay for him when giving out offer sheets, and Milwaukee could find a deal that would make it fit to trade the point guard.

    Here, we can nail down what we've heard, and which rumors make sense versus the ones that seem like phooey.

Brandon Jennings Submits His Number to Milwaukee Bucks

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    The Buzz

    Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports Brandon Jennings and his reps have submitted an "undisclosed contract amount" that Jennings would be willing to take in order to remain in Milwaukee.

    The Bucks, per Spears, have said all along that they plan to match any offer sheet Jennings may sign, but the team reportedly prefers to get a deal done with Jennings rather than having to go through the matching process.


    Buying or Selling?

    We'll buy this one because Jennings is looking to get paid.

    Whether it's via an offer sheet or from the Bucks directly, Jennings wants to be paid.

    For a while, it seemed as if the Bucks were ready to move on from Jennings, but if the team is going to match any offer, that's obviously not the case.

Neither Side Has Any Idea What They Want

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    The Buzz

    The absolute latest reports from both Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks is that they're mutual interested in his return to the team.

    ESPN's Chris Broussard reported that Jennings was willing to return to the team where he spent the first four years of his time in the league, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's C.F. Gardner gave the same notion from the Bucks' side of the story.

    However, Gery Woelfel from The Racine Journal Times reported that Jennings was available for trade, this coming just one day before the Gardner report that the Bucks wanted to keep Jennings.

    Meanwhile, Jennings spent the better part of this past season clamoring to get out of Milwaukee (this via Chad Ford).


    Buying or Selling?

    Let's just go ahead and buy the notion that neither side has any clue what they want.

    If it benefits Jennings, he seems willing to stay or leave, and if it benefits the Bucks, they're willing to ship him out or keep him in town.

Eric Bledsoe Could Spell the End for Jennings

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    The Buzz

    As the Los Angeles Clippers look for a home for their sought-after backup point guard Eric Bledsoe, the Milwuakee Bucks have arisen as a possible landing spot.

    Ramona Shelburne of reports that the Bucks and Clippers began talks shortly after the start of free agency about a trade for Bledsoe involving JJ Redick. She further hinted that a trade for Bledsoe would likely make him the team's starting point guard.


    Buying or Selling?

    Milwaukee is a terrific trade partner for Los Angeles when it comes to Bledsoe, as Redick would fit in well alongside Chris Paul.

    Whether or not the trade actually happens, or grows legs beyond the initial stages, is the hardest part to shake out.

    Buy the notion that nabbing Bledsoe would mean Jennings would be gone, but hold off on any notion of the trade actually happening.

Dallas Could Come Calling

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    The Buzz

    The Dallas Mavericks are looking for any point guard who would entice Dwight Howard to join the team over the Houston Rockets or Los Angeles Lakers.

    Among those targets have been Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Tyreke Evans and Milwaukee's own Brandon Jennings, according to

    The Mavericks declined to give the qualifying offer to Darren Collison and made him a free agent, so at the very least, they're going to be in the market for a new point guard.


    Buying or Selling?

    Dallas is a very real possibility to overpay Jennings, especially if it's forced to go with a "Plan B" after Howard decides to sign elsewhere.

    However, if they're looking to pull off a sign-and-trade for Jennings, it seems unlikely as it's got nothing lucrative to offer other than recently drafted players and future picks.

    By their interest, Dallas grabbing Jennings will depend on how much of an offer the Bucks want to match.