Diva Spotlight: Maryse

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

Why she's GOOD

I've said it before, Maryse is the WWE's secret gem. Thankfully, they've capitalized on that fact.

Maryse has done what few, male or female, can do: she's managed develop such a strong personality and charisma in the ring; it makes you forget her wrestling skills; better yet, it heightens the ones she has when she uses her charisma.

Maryse is what Melina was in a bitchy heel, but this one is the definition of Diva. An absolutely gorgeous woman, Maryse has used the opportunity do what in less than a year what many haven't done in their long careers: become a champion and become relevant with the WWE crowd.


Why she's BAD

Well, that's obvious. Her in ring skills are sub-par at best. Yes, her personality and heel mannerisms are so solid that she covers most of it, but she can't cover it all. She's also been trying to rehab a knee injury and its taken her some time to get back into second gear.

The move to RAW gives her the chance to shine a bit, but she's also going to have to wrestle girls who've got as much experience as she does, and that's not always a good thing.


What she brings to the WWE

The walking, talking definition of the word Diva. She brings some serious personality and great heel tactics. Youth is on her side and the WWE has time to mold her into a much more capable wrestler.

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