UConn's Official Website Makes American Athletic Conference Blunder

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 1, 2013

Photo Credit: Brett McMurphy Twitter
Photo Credit: Brett McMurphy Twitter

If you are feeling a tad bewildered or flummoxed over all the conference realignment taking place, you are not alone. Even UConn seems to be confused. 

ESPN's Brett McMurphy spotted an egregious, if not forgivable, error posted on UConn's official website. 

Really, we couldn't have said it better than the FBSchedules Twitter feed, which replied with the following: 

And so the constant shuffling known as conference realignment claims a victim known as clarity. Although the website has now been altered to at least include UCF in the mix. 

As has been ballyhooed all over social media circles, July 1 made way for some stark changes across collegiate athletics. 

One of the most glaring changes affects those that now reside in the American Athletic Conference, or at least plan to within the next couple of seasons. 

If you weren't feeling dizzy before the incessant realignment, you might after trying to grapple with what the next couple of years has in store for fans. 

Yahoo! Sports' Christopher Wilson brings us all the confusing and fluid details behind the budding AAC. As noted, Tulane, Tulsa and East Carolina will all join the conference next year, with Navy joining two years from now. 

So, yes, the website isn't completely correct, but it's understandable it wanted to get the logos out in front of fans from day one, because familiarity with the teams seems to be an issue at the moment. 

I guess we shouldn't worry about all of this and learn to just enjoy ourselves: 

Unfortunately, the AAC is but one piece of a larger, more jumbled pie. We are in the midst of a rocky portion of the realignment schedule, with some schools devoting only certain sports to conferences and others, like Navy, taking their time to make the leap. 

If you get that strange disorienting feeling, take solace that you are not alone. Not only are fans puzzled by the exact roll out, but the schools are too.