My Pick For The NBA Championship Number 4 and 5

Adam PierreContributor IMay 6, 2009

Jun 1991:  Series MVP and guard Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls hugs the championship trophy while surrounded by his father and wife after the Bulls defeated the Los Angeles Lakers four games to one in the series at the Great Western Forum in Inglewoo

Well this year I really like the regular season play from both conferences. The West had a big surprise for me, in Denver. Usually called the enver Nuggets for them not playing defense, but playing some D in the postseason is what really has surprised me.

In the East I was suprised by the 76ers. Yes, I saw them getting better but I did not expect it that fast.

Here are my top five picks to win it all:

4. Orlando Magic- The Magic need Dwight Howard to go 20 and 20 almost every night. I am not trying to trash them, but I just do not see them as a strong team. If Dwight Howard can play how he did last year in the playoffs and Rashard Lewis steps up his production, I can see them going somewhere. I also want their most improved player to step up a bit more too.

5. Dallas Mavericks- This is mostly an unfair pick because this is my team, but I really expected a first round elimination. Yes, they beat a beat up team in the San Antonio Spurs, but some players really stepped up. Right now I like the way J.J. Barea and Brandon Bass are playing and in Game one Kidd was hot. I can always rely on Dirk (2006 being an exception).