My Pick For The NBA Championship Number 4 and 5

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My Pick For The NBA Championship Number 4 and 5

Well this year I really like the regular season play from both conferences. The West had a big surprise for me, in Denver. Usually called the enver Nuggets for them not playing defense, but playing some D in the postseason is what really has surprised me.

In the East I was suprised by the 76ers. Yes, I saw them getting better but I did not expect it that fast.

Here are my top five picks to win it all:

4. Orlando Magic- The Magic need Dwight Howard to go 20 and 20 almost every night. I am not trying to trash them, but I just do not see them as a strong team. If Dwight Howard can play how he did last year in the playoffs and Rashard Lewis steps up his production, I can see them going somewhere. I also want their most improved player to step up a bit more too.

5. Dallas Mavericks- This is mostly an unfair pick because this is my team, but I really expected a first round elimination. Yes, they beat a beat up team in the San Antonio Spurs, but some players really stepped up. Right now I like the way J.J. Barea and Brandon Bass are playing and in Game one Kidd was hot. I can always rely on Dirk (2006 being an exception).

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