Pittsburgh Pirates Mascot Eats It Over Railing While Trying to Catch a Foul Ball

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 1, 2013

Image via MLB
Image via MLB

Sometimes failure can be so simple, so elegant, that it sheds its coil of futility and becomes what is known as “pure win.”

This is one such instance.

The Pittsburgh Pirates were in the ninth inning of a game against the Milwaukee Brewers Sunday when Pirates infielder Josh Harrison cracked a foul ball wide of the third base line and magic happened inside PNC Park. 

The ball hit the side-rail fencing and hopped along in front of a row of spectators. Pirate Parrot was standing by and the Pittsburgh mascot face-planted hard after trying to shag the ball. The spectacular moment was noticed by Troy Machir of Sporting News and was subsequently turned into a perfect GIF by Kiley Kmiec at Next Impulse Sports

Few words can encapsulate the breadth of emotions stirred inside oneself while watching a giant parrot fall on its face in slow motion, and “sublime” is the only one that truly comes close.

Everyone in the vicinity reached for this ball but none so zealously as Pirate Parrot. He went full extension and, my God, it wasn’t even close.

Obviously, the beautiful tumble caused the Internet to explode with elation and concern for the Parrot, whom some believed had been over-served.

Strangely enough, the Pirates went on to win the game, which they’ve been doing with freakish regularity so far this season.

With that being said, their parrot is continuing to win, even when it’s losing. As usual, no one fully understands what’s going on with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but we all know that’s becoming very entertaining.