The Opening 2013: Breaking Down Each Roster's QB Depth Chart

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIJuly 1, 2013

The Opening 2013: Breaking Down Each Roster's QB Depth Chart

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    Nike's The Opening is a recruiting camp and competition that puts the spotlight on the best high school players in the nation, but none will be analyzed more than the quarterbacks.

    This year, the quarterbacks were broken up into six teams, with the depth chart going three deep at their position. Teams #AlphaPro, #Apocalypse, #FieldGenerals, #LandSharks, #Superbad  and #VaporCarbon each feature three of the best quarterback recruits in the nation.

    Considering the amount of skill players around them and their own talents, the quarterback play at The Opening is projected to be epic.

    If you're looking for a breakdown of how things stack up at the quarterback position, look no further. 

    We've also thrown in a custom Bleacher Report quarterback group hashtag that best represents the trio of signal-callers on each squad.



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    Will Grier, 4-star PRO, Committed to Florida

    Keller Chryst, 5-star PRO, Committed to Stanford

    Andrew Ford, 3-star PRO, Committed to Virginia Tech

    The Star: Keller Chryst

    According to the 247Sports Composite rankings, Chryst is the best pro-style quarterback in the nation. He's 6'4'', 220 pounds and has the poise and accuracy of a future star.

    The Sleeper: Andrew Ford

    Ford has extremely high upside. He throws a pretty deep ball and can really crank up the velocity at times. He's also agile and can make defenses pay as a runner, so he could become quite the playmaker at the college level.

    B/R's QB Group Name: #TeamHighExpectations

    Grier has star potential and could end up being the next great Florida quarterback. Put him in a group with the nation's top quarterback recruit and a sleeper like Ford, and the expectations are certainly high. 


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    Jacob Park, 4-star PRO, Committed to Georgia

    Kyle Allen, 4-star PRO, Committed to Texas A&M

    Brad Kaaya, 4-star PRO, Committed to Miami

    The Star: Kyle Allen

    Allen is the big name in this group, especially since he could potentially be the eventual replacement for one Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M.

    Allen is an especially accurate quarterback, with good vision, touch and pocket presence. 

    The Sleeper: Brad Kaaya

    Brad Kaaya could end up being one of the best quarterbacks in the recruiting class when all is said and done.

    He's the most fundamentally sound quarterback of the group and he appears cool and collected in the pocket. 

    Kaaya is ready to play big-time college football.

    B/R's QB Group Name: #TeamAccuracy

    Allen has pinpoint accuracy and Kaaya is unmatched in his fundamentals. Park is accurate on the run and will make plays in and out of the pocket. This group will make plays with their accuracy. 


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    Sean White, 3-star PRO, Uncommitted

    Morgan Mahalak, 4-star Dual, Committed to Oregon

    Luke Rubenzer, 3-star Dual, Committed to Cal

    The Star: Morgan Mahalak

    Mahalak has the ability to be the next great Oregon quarterback, and he fits the Ducks' scheme perfectly.

    He has a nice arm and can make just about any throw on the field, but he really separates himself with his ability to run. He's elusive and will make plays with his feet.

    The Sleeper: Sean White

    White is only a 3-star recruit, but he's reportedly really standing out in Oregon.

    Jeremy Crabtree of reported Trent Dilfer's thoughts on White at the Elite 11. He had some high praise for the 3-star, going as far to say that he throws an "NFL type of ball". That's worth a read. 

    B/R's QB Group Name: #TeamUnderrated

    Mahalak is a superstar in the making and White is creating some major headlines at the Elite 11. Throw in the shifty and fast Rubenzer and #TeamUnderrated looks pretty underrated.


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    K.J. Carta-Samuels, 4-star PRO, Committed to Vanderbilt

    De'Shone Kizer, 4-star DUAL, Committed to Notre Dame

    Drew Barker, 4-star PRO, Committed to Kentucky

    The Star: Drew Barker

    Drew Barker is the No. 6 pro-style quarterback in the nation, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings. He's 6'4'', 210 pounds, has great athleticism and a good arm.

    The Sleeper: K.J. Carta-Samuels

    Carta-Samuels may not get the hype most SEC quarterback commits would get, but he's just as good.

    He's another big quarterback who can move around the pocket and make plays. He throws with great velocity, so there's a ton to like.

    B/R's QB Group Name: #TeamUnderTheRadar

    These three recruits all have star potential, but with Kentucky and Vanderbilt still fighting for respect in the SEC, it may be hard for Barker and Carta-Samuels to get many headlines.

    Kizer was a major commitment for Notre Dame, but everything but his commitment has made huge news for the Fighting Irish this offseason.

    This group is truly flying under the radar.


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    David Blough, 3-star PRO, Committed to Purdue

    David Cornwell, 4-star PRO, Committed to Alabama

    Stephen Collier, 3-star DUAL, Committed to Ohio State

    The Star: David Cornwell

    Cornwell is the best quarterback in the nation, according to Bleacher Report's positional rankings. According to the 247Sports Composite, he's the No. 4 pro-style quarterback.

    The star potential is there, just look at his 6'4'', 230 pound frame.

    He has an extremely strong arm, great accuracy and can throw on the run.

    The Sleeper: David Blough

    Barton Simmons of 247Sports tweeted on Sunday that Blough had made Trent Dilfer's list of the top six quarterbacks that were standing out at the Elite 11. Dilfer also said that Blough would have won a MVP for the day had there been such an award, per Mitch Sherman of ESPN on Twitter (6/29/13). Blough has a strong arm and is great on the move. He's underrated as a 3-star quarterback. 

    B/R's QB Group Name: #TeamHype

    Cornwell, an Alabama commitment, is naturally going to receive a ton of hype.

    Throw in the "top six list" for Blough, and Collier, who's also an underrated recruit and an Ohio State commit, and #TeamHype fits this group of three.


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    Deshaun Watson, 4-star PRO, Committed to Clemson

    Manny Wilkins, 3-star DUAL, Committed to ASU

    Jerrod Heard, 4-star DUAL, Committed to Texas

    The Star: Deshaun Watson

    Watson is ranked as the No. 5 pro-style quarterback according to the 247Sports Composite, but he could also be ranked as a dual-threat as well. Watson has a good arm and is accurate, but he's also extremely fast and can make plays with his feet.

    The Sleeper: Manny Wilkins

    Wilkins has an incredible deep ball, but he can also land it with pinpoint accuracy. He has a good arm, but he also runs with long strides and can be rather elusive. He's the definition of a dual-threat quarterback. He's also the definition of underrated.

    B/R's QB Group Name: #TeamScramble

    Both Watson and Wilkins can run with the best of them, and Heard is ranked as the No. 1 dual-threat quarterback, according to the 247Sports composite. 

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