WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes: Thoughts on a Rhodes vs. Colter Feud

Tyson JonesSenior Analyst IIIJuly 1, 2013


WWE Superstars Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter are all pretty much directionless. Rhodes has been reduced to a high-class jobber, Cesaro does nothing but squash Sin Cara and Zeb...well, Zeb is still actually pretty good at what he does. With that said, I sometimes wonder why it is WWE doesn't do the obvious thing anymore.

Granted, a swerve is nice every so often (the recent one pulled by Impact Wrestling for example). Still, when the most obvious route is there, and you're not doing anything else, what's wrong with taking it?

Honestly, something has got to give on Creative sooner or later. However, I'm not here to bash WWE Creative. Especially not when they've picked up their game the past few weeks.

That said, WWE has its Money in The Bank PPV coming up in just a few short weeks. Interesting concept this time around as SmackDown is looking for a heel to win its case while the RAW side of things sees a face winning the match.

Well played, WWE, but I think one of the things that hampers a match like this is the fact that the combatants in the ladder matches aren't generally going to oppose each other.

WWE tends to keep away from two things these days: Same-alignment feuds and Tweeners. I think that's bad news for the WWE, but it's their MO, so what can you do? With that in mind, I think a face turn or two (slow-burn style hopefully), would be something that could help spice up these matches. Enter Cody Rhodes versus Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter) as a premier feud heading into the PPV.

It may sound odd to call this a premier feud, but let's face it, the only people here who don't have horrible win/loss records would be Fandango and Dena Ambrose, and this article isn't about them. Ergo, by default, Cesaro vs. Rhodes could be the talk of the town heading into MiTB.

It's something a few people, like myself, have talked about. The idea of a Cody Rhodes face turn is not a terrible idea by any stretch.

Shave off that horrible mustache and you've got a generally good-looking guy, (you could even call him...Dashing). So it's not like we're dealing with a "natural heel," and even when people think we are, it can be pulled off when done correctly (I'm looking at you, Wade Barrett).

For the longest time, Zeb Colter has been spouting off regarding this country's immigrants. However, in a recent video, he labeled his newest client one of the "good ones" Saying Antonio came to this country for the American Dream. It may seem a bit cliched to try and play off of who Rhodes is related too, but perhaps Cody is tired of Zeb's rants and the way they twist and corrupt who the American Dream is for?

Cody Rhodes hasn't been a face since he debuted, but I think with his experience, he can be one of the better ones going today. A bit of a throwback, I would think, not afraid of the cheap pop and maybe a bit more jovial like his father and brother. Cody has all the tools one would need to succeed but nothing has really stuck for him in a while. Perhaps this feud could be his ticket to bigger and better things?

On the flip-side, Antonio Cesaro has been wasting away on the roster with little to do. Talented wrestler (and unlike many people, I don't think he's bad on the mic), but he is not connecting with the fans.

That's where Zeb has come in, but without more force behind the words (and Cesaro is capable of great force), I feel people aren't taking Zeb seriously and that hurts Cesaro by association.

The actions of Jack Swagger spoke volumes. Dismantling opponents left and right and leaving bodies broken in his wake. Antonio Cesaro, believe it or not, has the bar set pretty high. I think he can reach it, but in order for the full effect to be achieved, it should happen sooner rather than later. While I'm against him winning it, Money in The Bank could be just the statement needed.

However, I think a show of Ruthless Aggression would be just as effective, as it has been for the likes of Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger lately. A feud that culminates with the finalization of Cody's turn coming at Money in The Bank (also ending Rhodes Scholars) would be ideal. The overall winner wouldn't even matter, (of either the MiTB match or the feud, but a feud would be a step in the right direction for both men).

Just thinking out loud here. Let me know what you think down the line.