WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Ranking Chances of Every WWE Championship Entrant

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJuly 1, 2013

WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Ranking Chances of Every WWE Championship Entrant

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    The field is set for each Money in the Bank match with seven participants announced for each match.  As usual, the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match carries all the star power.  The field features four former Money in the Bank winners, and each participant has held a world championship.  

    A loaded stable of WWE stars vying for the WWE Championship makes it seem like it's anybody's match to win. 

    But the storyline progression and momentum of each challenger will help separate those who have a chance and those who are just glorified bridesmaids. 

7. Christian: Slim and None

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    Christian has gained a measure of momentum since his return, and he could be a dark horse to win this match after being on the second six-man team to ever defeat The Shield. 

    But in the twilight of his career, Christian appears to be an entrant in Money in the Bank for his ladder match savvy as a ring general to help move the match along smoothly. 

    Vince McMahon's apathy toward Christian has been well documented, so it would be shocking to see the former world champion carry the golden briefcase for WWE's top prize. 

6. Kane: Low Chance

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    Kane has seen bountiful TV time, but only as an accessory to Daniel Bryan's steady growth as a WWE Superstar. 

    Part of the Daniel Bryan storyline is Bryan slowly becoming too big for his britches.  This was apparent through his cocky behavior this past week on SmackDown following a huge career victory over Randy Orton

    Kane will likely be upstaged by Daniel Bryan—the current favorite—after coming close to capturing his second Money in the Bank briefcase.

5. Sheamus: Low Chance

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    WWE has made it clear how serious it currently takes Sheamus with an odd onslaught of 1-800-Fella commercials. 

    Sheamus is embroiled in a midcard feud with Damien Sandow, indicating a precipitous decline from his rookie year where he won the WWE championship. 

    Sheamus has little to no chance to get back on track in this Money in the Bank match.  In fact, he seems better equipped to be in the world championship Money in the Bank match. 

4. Randy Orton: Low Chance

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    Randy Orton seems like he's slowly but surely on his way out of WWE's dog house.  Sure, he came up on the short end of the stick in the Daniel Bryan miniseries, but the strong wrestling matches will help his brand more than the losses will hurt it. 

    Orton as a Money in the Bank winner would be a surprise given the fact that he has been a sacrificial lamb in Daniel Bryan's ongoing push. 

3. CM Punk: Low Chance

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    In most other circumstances, CM Punk would walk into a Money in the Bank match as a strong favorite.  But Punk is currently involved in a storyline with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar where the WWE Championship will not be at stake.  

    Punk-Brock sells itself and doesn't need the WWE Championship.  It is likely Heyman will screw Punk out of a Money in the Bank win in some fashion, setting the table for Punk-Brock at SummerSlam. 

2. Rob Van Dam: Good Chance

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    A returning Rob Van Dam has the best chance of winning the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase outside of Bryan.  Once he is settled into his return, RVD will likely be used in the upper midcard, but WWE will have to protect him to some degree in his debut. 

    RVD should come very close to winning the Money in the Bank briefcase if he does come up short, which would help him retain credibility as a top-level star moving forward. 

1. Daniel Bryan: Strong Chance

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    Daniel Bryan is the clear favorite to win the WWE championship Money in the Bank.  Bryan will walk into this match white hot, after having beaten Randy Orton clean recently.  Like his last Money in the Bank win, Bryan may begin to turn heel. 

    Bryan's persona has changed from feeling like the weak link, and a heel turn would be more fitting of the opportunistic implications of Money in the Bank. 

    Bryan has been the focal point of WWE TV for over a month.  It's hard to imagine WWE investing so much in one of its Superstars if the plan isn't for him to go over.

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