Rounding Up the Latest NFL Offseason Buzz

Alessandro MiglioFeatured ColumnistJuly 1, 2013

Rounding Up the Latest NFL Offseason Buzz

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    The doldrums of the offseason mean a dearth of on-field news. After all, how much buzz can players create if they're not practicing?

    You all are, of course, aware of the Aaron Hernandez situation. The NFL was engulfed by the awful news that Hernandez had allegedly committed a heinous crime last week. 

    There were other goings-on across the league during that time. Here is the latest buzz from around the NFL.

Dogfighting Again?

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    Eagles second-year running back Bryce Brown had his pit bull and her puppies taken away on suspicion of dogfighting. The dogs were quickly returned, though, as there was no evidence that they were involved in any sort of dogfighting ring.

    Unfortunately for Brown, he could not escape the vitriol associated with those allegations.

    The allegations were just that—allegations—ones that Brown vehemently denied and have apparently been dismissed. Good thing for Brown and those puppies.

Arrest Tables Turned

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    It was reported several months ago that Shaun Rogers was bamboozled out of $440,000 worth of jewelry. His 2013 salary won't even cover that loss if he winds up on injured reserve.

    Well, they caught the suspected thief, a 25-year-old woman named Subhana Beyah. Apparently she was wanted for several larcenies.

    Who knew Rogers stepped into an Ocean's Eleven film this past March.

The Hottest Ticket Around

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    Too bad the Giants missed the playoffs, and the Broncos were Rahim Moore'd against the Ravens, otherwise we might have seen the Manning Bros. square off for all the marbles in the city where they were born.

    Better late than never as the brotherly matchup will happen in September, and it is not a cheap affair.

    Tickets to the Broncos' game in New York is currently the most expensive ticket in the league, the only one topping $500. It might not be the Super Bowl, but it should make for good theater.

Getting the GOP's Attention

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    Sports and politics rarely mix, but that is precisely what has happened recently.

    The NFL recently got the attention of the GOP in a bad way when Kathleen Sebilius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, said the NFL might help spread the word about how the Affordable Care Act will finally help the uninsured, per Josh Voorhees of

    Republicans weren't too thrilled with the suggestion, warning the NFL not to get involved with such a "divisive" issue. Some in the party even suggested President Obama is pressuring the NFL somehow.

    You can read the full thing for yourself below, including the passage where the two Republicans not-so subtly suggest that the only reason the NFL would go along with the outreach plan would be because the White House was threatening the league with "policy retaliation." (An observation, I should note, that is part of a letter that itself could be read as something of its own threat.) 

    This is a rather bizarre bit of offseason news.

The Arrests Continue

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    The previous version of this article written by yours truly talked about offseason arrests being all the rage in the NFL. 

    While the Aaron Hernandez saga certainly garnered all of the attention, other players have made headlines.

    Joe Lefeged was arrested over the weekend on gun-related charges after running from the police. This came just two days after former Brown Ausar Walcott was arraigned on attempted murder charges after he allegedly put a man in a coma.

    Lefeged's arrest marked 31 bookings since the Super Bowl. Considering there were 22 last offseason, this year has been far more eventful.

    Does the NFL have a crime problem? Despite the spate of arrests, the NFL is still below the national public average in arrests. Of course, you would think players making wads of money to play a game who have the resources to avoid bad decisions would have no problem steering clear of law issues.