Money in the Bank: Will Mark Henry Beat John Cena Up Enough to Get a Cash-In?

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Will Cena be lying on his back at the conclusion of Money in the Bank 2013 thanks to Mark Henry? (photo courtesy of
Will Cena be lying on his back at the conclusion of Money in the Bank 2013 thanks to Mark Henry? (photo courtesy of

When John Cena defends the WWE Championship against Mark Henry at Money in the Bank 2013, a win may actually result in a cash in if Cena isn’t careful. Henry has a history of attacking Superstars, which has resulted in Money in the Bank winners cashing in to become new world champions.

When Mark Henry returned from injury on May 11, 2007, he attacked The Undertaker after his World Heavyweight championship match against Batista. This attack led to Edge cashing in Money in the Bank.

At WWE TLC 2011, Henry lost the World Heavyweight title in a chairs match against Big Show. The owner of the Hall of Pain attacked Big Show to the point that it allowed Daniel Bryan to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

What will happen when Henry and Cena square off on July 14?

Depending on the order of matches at Money in the Bank, the WWE title Money in the Bank winner may be able to cash in that very same night.

Kane accomplished this feat in 2010 at the first Money in the Bank pay-per-view. He won a Money in the Bank briefcase early in the night and cashed in on Rey Mysterio, who had just defeated Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight title.

In order for history to repeat itself, Cena has to be victorious in his match against Henry. Although the World’s Strongest Man was very impressive in his fake retirement speech a few weeks ago, Cena is expected to remain WWE champion.

However, Cena or Bryan could enter SummerSlam as WWE champion.

Assuming Bryan wins Money in the Bank, Cena could defeat Henry and Bryan could announce beforehand that he is cashing in at SummerSlam. Another scenario could see Bryan win Money in the Bank and cash in after an attack by Henry. It would then be Bryan defending the title against Cena at the summer’s biggest pay-per-view.

Ever since opening the Hall of Pain in July 2011, Henry has been of the most destructive Superstars in WWE. From Big Show to Great Khali to The Undertaker, no Superstar is safe from entering the Hall of Pain.

On July 14 in Philadelphia, Henry hopes to finally realize his dream of becoming WWE champion. It is the only major accomplishment Henry has yet to achieve.

In order to do so, he must contend with the superhero of all superheroes in the WWE. If Henry is unable to defeat Cena for the title, the leader of the Cenation may be inducted into the Hall of Pain. If this happens, Cena may just be beaten up enough for Bryan or another WWE All-Star to cash in as Henry has set up before.


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