Man City Transfer News: 5 Alternatives to Edinson Cavani If He Goes Elsewhere

Phil Keidel@@PhilKeidelContributor IIJuly 1, 2013

Man City Transfer News: 5 Alternatives to Edinson Cavani If He Goes Elsewhere

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    Edinson Cavani is probably going to be playing for someone other than Napoli next season. And with each passing day, that someone feels less likely to be Manchester City.

    The Daily Mail's latest story on the matter, penned by Simon Jones, notes that Chelsea is officially in the chase with a £42.7 million bid.

    Of course, the story aptly notes that as far as Napoli is concerned, a £42.7 million bid might as well be an offer of one pound and 10 pence. "Napoli are puzzled by Chelsea's revised bid...Chelsea are still £11.2m short of the £53.9m figure Napoli want," Jones wrote.

    Napoli seems convinced that someone, be it Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester United or just maybe Manchester City will ultimately pony up the absurd money Napoli has demanded.

    It's like a ransom standoff, except (thankfully) without someone's safety at risk.

    Assuming Manchester City will not meet Napoli's extravagant mandate, to whom will they turn to plug the holes in the strike force left by the past year's departures of Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez?

Alvaro Negredo

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    The Mirror recently reported that freshly minted City boss Manuel Pellegrini has cast his eyes on Sevilla striker Alvaro Negredo as a potential replacement for the recently departed Carlos Tevez.

    Per Simon Mullock's story: "After losing out to Real Madrid in the race to sign Spanish wonderkid Isco from his former club Malaga, ­Pellegrini is...hoping to land Negredo, who has a £18 million buy-out clause on a contract that still has four years to run."

    Negredo is more than a credible striking option, having pumped home 25 goals for Sevilla in La Liga last season, good for fourth place in the league scoring table.

    The only knock against this signing for City might be Negredo's age. Negredo will be 28 in August.

    Negredo surely has productive seasons left, but City may be reluctant to commit their hopes (and a lot of their money) to a player gaining on 30 so quickly.


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    It is quite the coincidence, you have to admit.

    Just hours after The Daily Mail's Joe Bernstein told the world that Manchester City had eyes for Fred, there was Fred lashing home two goals for Brazil in their 3-0 drilling of Spain in the Confederations Cup final.

    Admittedly, one thing almost certainly had nothing to do with the other.

    But if you were a City fan reading Bernstein's story this morning, describing how Fred is "now being viewed as a possible replacement for Carlos Tevez," you might have watched the Confed Cup final with one eye on the man.

    It took him all of two minutes to give Brazil the lead for good against Spain. And all of two minutes after the interval to ice the match.

    Maybe this rumor comes to nothing, but at least for today, it is a pretty intriguing story.


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    My preference would have been for more corroboration on this story, but the piece this week in The Daily Star linking Manchester City and Michu does make some sense.

    Jack Wilson reported that "Michu had spent his whole career in Spain...before moving to the Premier League. And for the past nine years, Spain has been the base of new City boss Manuel Pellegrini."

    Hey, if Michael Laudrup was able to squeeze 18 Premier League goals out of Michu this past season, what might Pellegrini be able to draw from the Spaniard?

Oscar Cardozo

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    Undoubtedly my favorite part of this story in The Daily Mail linking Oscar Cardozo and Manchester City is the suggestion that City may end up in a bidding war with Cardiff.

    Cardiff? They just barely know which color they will wear tomorrow.

    Anyway, if City have any reservations about signing players on the wrong side of 25, Cardozo's comparatively advanced age of 30 may scare them off.

    That, and the report in David Kent's story that Cardozo's parting with his former club is less than amicable. "The Paraguay international is leaving the Portuguese club after a public bust-up with coach Jorge Jesus," Kent wrote
    City, having just rid itself of a coach-killer in Carlos Tevez, might want to give Cardozo a wide berth and wish him luck in Wales.

Mario Gomez

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    Color me puzzled by the idea that Mario Gomez wants to leave Bayern Munich in the first place, much less to go to Manchester City.

    Love for the Sky Blues is all well and fine, but Bayern Munich is a dominant world force. And until Bayern actually land Robert Lewandowski rather than just talking about it, Gomez is still a key cog in that machine.

    But all right, say Ian Herbert and The Independent are right, and Gomez wants to jump ship before he is pushed.

    "City need a player of Gomez's calibre, with Tevez and Mario Balotelli now gone and Manuel Pellegrini's hopes of Premier League success currently resting on just two recognised strikers - Sergio Aguero and Edin Dzeko," Herbert said in an effort to bludgeon his readers with the obvious.

    Herbert went on to add that "Gomez scored 19 goals last season, despite being used as a substitute most of the time."

    City already have a guy like that.