5 Reasons Manchester United Will Dominate Man City for Years to Come

James McNicholas@@jamesmcnicholasFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2013

5 Reasons Manchester United Will Dominate Man City for Years to Come

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    Last season, Manchester United silenced their noisy neighbours by recapturing the Premier League title.

    Now, their focus will be on keeping Manchester City at bay for years to come. Sir Alex Ferguson may be gone, but United's desire for supremacy over their local rivals remains just as strong.

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    The Manchester City squad cannot compete with the spirit fostered at Old Trafford.

    City's team has been thrown together as part of a prolonged shopping spree. United's squad has evolved slowly under the careful guidance of one of the game's greatest managers in Sir Alex Ferguson.

    United's squad has a youthful British core. City's lacks any kind of defining identity.

    There's no disputing the talent at City's disposal. However, in more ways than one, they're far from United's level.


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    Manchester United have been there, done that and collected the accompanying medals.

    When Manchester City snatched the title in 2011/12, United fought back with the hunger of Champions. City had no experience of defending a title and floundered. In their stead, United returned to their customary position at the head of the Premier League table.

    Success begets success. Winning is a habit, and one United will not lose any time soon. 

Superiority in the Transfer Market

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    There is still no greater lure for a player than the prospect of running out at Old Trafford in a Manchester United shirt.

    Take the case of Robin van Persie.

    Manchester City were hot on the heels of the Dutch striker but were pipped at the post by United. Last season, then-City boss Roberto Mancini lamented to the BBC:

    We wanted Van Persie because we knew he could be an important player.

    He is totally different from our other strikers. We wanted him for the Champions League and for the Premier League.

    We were very close. We were sure he was for us but this did not happen and now we can do nothing. We were very close three or four months before he joined United.

    Van Persie, speaking to The Sun, was clear about why he made his decision:

    When you have to make a hard decision in your life I always listen to the little boy inside me. What does he want? That little boy was screaming for Manchester United. This club breathes football. For me it was quite soon that I made my decision.

    Other players will surely feel the same as Van Persie in future. 

Emphasis on Youth

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    Manchester United have the likes of Tom Cleverley, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Wilfried Zaha and Danny Welbeck coming through the ranks.

    Beyond Matija Nastasic, it's hard to pinpoint an outstanding emerging talent at Manchester City.

    City's relentless spending has damaged their academy's production line. United continue to develop world-class prodigies.

    You'll never win anything without kids. 


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    If Manuel Pellegrini fails to win a major title this season, the Manchester City hierarchy will be breathing down his neck.

    David Moyes, on the other hand, will be welcomed to Old Trafford with patience and understanding.

    Upon his retirement, Sir Alex Ferguson told Metro:

    "I would like to remind you this club stood by me in bad times, the players and the staff. Your job now is to stand by the new manager."

    The United manager will always be able to rely upon the unwavering support of the board and the crowd. Sadly, the decision-makers at City have shown themselves to be significantly less tolerant.