Why WWE's Total Divas Will Not Do Anything to Help the Divas Division

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJuly 3, 2013

WWE.com (The Bella Twins are being groomed as the stars of Total Divas)
WWE.com (The Bella Twins are being groomed as the stars of Total Divas)

WWE is set to debut a new show on the E! network called Total Divas, but will the show help the Divas division or will it just make a few Divas more recognizable to the general public?

The idea of a WWE reality show is nothing new. Tough Enough, while mostly a competition, was at its heart a reality show.

The men and women in the house were shown training and competing in different contests, but there was also focus put on the drama inside the house.

While some of the competitions were real, the overall winner of the show was clearly chosen in response to viewer feedback. How else do you explain Big Andy winning?

With the success of hundreds of other reality shows proving that the model can be very profitable, it was only a matter of time until WWE went in this direction.

All they need is a few production crew members and some cameramen to film the Diva's exploits, and an editor to cut it all together and make a show out of it.

There are so many reality shows because they are cheap to produce and bring in decent ratings.

WWE Divas appear at numerous media and charity events as ambassadors for WWE, and documenting those appearances while splicing in footage of their so-called real lives will certainly appeal to some viewers.

Hardcore wrestling fans may scoff at the idea of watching a show similar to any one of the Kardashian's shows, but there is a huge market for this kind of programming, and it could be a great way to expand WWE's female fanbase.

I actually suggested almost this exact same idea in a slideshow published November 3, 2011, albeit under a different show title.

But none of this will actually help the Divas division.

Total Divas will help some of these women gain exposure and fame, but it won't make them better wrestlers.

In order for the Divas division to be better than TNA's knockout division, there has to be better wrestlers in the division.

AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Naomi and Natalya have all shown great talent and athleticism in the ring, but when their opponents are models who were trained to wrestle, they look like they have no idea how to put together a match.

WWE wants to be an entertainment conglomerate, but they need to remember that their bread and butter is wrestling, and nobody will care about the Divas if they can't wrestle.

The reason TNA's knockouts were so successful for a long stretch is because they had women who were wrestlers first and models second.

Training a wrestler to the point of being able to take a bump is not enough, and unfortunately many Divas have suffered from a lack of training before being thrown in the deep end.

With the newly revamped developmental system in place, we might see a shift in the quality of women's wrestling in WWE, but we are stuck with what we have until those new recruits start to trickle in.


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