Five Great Fights We May Never Get To See

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIMarch 10, 2017

While the battle of words rages on about next year Fall's much anticipated, much hoped for showdown between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr, I would like to make the argument that are there are five better fights out there that, unfortunately, we may never get to see.


1. The Klitschko Brothers.

One of the standard laments about the current boxing landscape is the pathetic state of the heavyweight division. Last week, Oscar De La Hoya admitted that Golden Boy is desperately searching for the next great heavyweight.

But in reality, the division as it stands already has two great heavyweights. The problem is they are both named Klitschko and they refuse to fight each other.

Vladimir Klitschko is every bit as good as Lennox Lewis in my opinion and mimics him almost too perfectly in terms of heart and desire. In other words, he can beat anyone on the planet but sometimes loses fights he should easily win because he just doesn't show up.

Vitali on the other hand, isn't nearly as skilled as his brother, but brings far more passion into the ring. His war with Lennox Lewis in 2003 was probably the last heavyweight fight that got casual fans around the country buzzing about a heavyweight fight.

A battle between the brothers would be a perfect sell. I mean who doesn't like to see a good fight between siblings.

There are also behind the scenes rumors that Vitali is actually quite jealous of his younger brother who is treated like royalty in Europe while Vitali is treated as an afterthought. Vitali would probably be thrilled to take his brother down a peg, or two.

It's a fight that could bring the heavyweight division back. But so far the brothers have refused to even consider it.


2. Shane Mosley-Paul Williams

Sugar Shane has proven that he still has something left with his close loss to Miguel Cotto and his dismantling of Tijuana tough boy Antonio Margarito. (Granted, he beat Margarito without the plaster of paris he normally had in his wraps, er, allegedly always had in his wraps.)

Williams on the other hand has torn up almost everyone he has faced in the last few years and has quickly become the one man no one wants to fight. And who can blame them. Tall enough to bulk up to heavyweight some day, Williams easily makes the welterweight limit and fights equally well at 154 and 160.

Williams height along with his unusual style make him a man to be reckoned with, and unfortunately due to his current lack of drawing power a man to be avoided.

Mosley is the one top fighter that I do not think is afraid of Williams. But I'm sure Sugar Shane believes he only has 2 or 3 fights left to make top money and he wants to save those fights for the likes of Cotto, Mayweather and Pacquiao.

And that's why I don't believe Mosley-Williams will happen.


3. Israel Vasquez-Rafael Marquez IV

Yeah, I know fights usually come in trilogies these days. But didn't Jake La Motta and Sugar Ray Robinson fight five times.

If ever there were two fighters that need to fight a fourth time it's is these guys. Other than perhaps the Ali-Frazier trilogy of my childhood there has never been a fight trilogy like this one.

Usually, when fighters end up fighting three times there is an story arc that plays out and fans end up deciding that one fighter ended up with the upper hand at the end of the day. But after three fights between these two the only real consensus was that Vasquez and Marquez are two of the best fighters of their, or any generation.

But they may never fight again, simply because of the beating they put on each other. Though there might be a chance simply because at their weight class big money fights are hard to find.


4. Joe Calzaghe - Carl Froch

Calzaghe left on top a little over a year ago with what appeared to be plenty in the tank. Carl Froch has just come into his own.

This would be huge in Europe and after Froch's big win against Jermaine Taylor I think it would be huge here in the States as well.

But as much as Calzaghe always complained he didn't get enough respect from the boxing world I think he'll take his Bernard Hopkins win and go home.


5. Itchy Versus Scratchy 

I have always thought the Itchy and Scratchy feature film was a natural. Considering Tom and Jerry are still the most popular cartoon combatants worldwide, an Itchy and Scratchy  feature would be poised to knock them from their thrown.

Rumors are a deal was all but in place after the success of the Simpson's movie back in 2007 but negotiations fell apart when Itchy's management team demanded a 60-40 split.

Scratchy left the bargaining table in a huff declaring "I've taken nothing but crap from that little rodent for years, and now he wants a 60-40 split. Screw him."