Inception of the Next Generation: WWE SuperStars, Week Three

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Inception of the Next Generation: WWE SuperStars, Week Three
Opening Segment: Tiffany in the ring

Welcome to WWE SuperStars! Tonight, the Queen of the Ring

"Break the walls down!"

Chris Jericho comes out while the reel crew starts setting up in the ring. Tiffany tries to talk to Jericho but Cade comes from behind and grabs her mic. Chris Jericho enters the ring.

"Welcome to SuperStars is Jericho".

"I warned the world on Sunday about the renegades and it starts tonight. This isn't some half-assed faction that must solely cater to their leader. I am capable of taking care of myself just fine. It's an alliance between men who've reached an agreement that the WWE needs a facelift and fathom that YOU people are irrelevant."

"As you all saw at Backlash, Cade proved his loyalty when the ECW originals aka assclowns when he assisted them in beating the living daylights out of them.

The fans start to boo then chant ECW.

"Shut your pathetic little mouths, ECW belongs in high schol gyms, playgrounds, bowling alleys, and grateful that WWE picked up the pieces of a freak show. In fact, show the footage.

Anonymous Guy's Backlash

"Don't worry, I'll be showing an encore on my weekly Highlight Reel for those who missed it."

"Team Swagger are renegade, they understand. Tiffany, you don't. I've tried to reason with you but you cancelled the highlight reel last week. This is one of the many reasons why the WWE is a joke. WWE puts dumb bimbos in power just because of sex appeal and you hard-headed bastards gobble it all up."

Tiffany slaps Jericho and Cade pushes her to the ground. Jericho gets up and stares down Tiffany. He starts to grin.

"You know I'm a gentlemen Tiff, but the WWE isn't a gentlemen's palace now is it?"

Jericho moves closer to a scared Tiffany and Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston come to her aid. Jericho gets double drop kicked out of the ring and Cade gets hits with the trouble in paradise. He falls on the middle ropes and Rey lines up for the 6-1-9, but Chris Jericho pulls him out of the ring before it was too late. Kofi and Rey help up Tiffany while Jericho drags Cade up the stage.

Mickie James vs. Brie Bella (Queen of the Ring Tournament)

Brie Bella wants revenge after Mickie destroyed her sister on SmackDown last week. She stares down a jolly Mickie James and dashes to her when the bell rings. Brie goes for a clothesline, but Mickie evades and gives her own.

Brie gets up and gets another clothesline from Mickie. Mickie does a third one for good measure. Brie gives Mickie a chop, but Mickie gives her a dropkick. She begins skipping around the ring and Brie pulls Mickie by her hair and gives her a kick in the gut.

Mickie falls through the ropes and Brie starts to cheer on the crowd. Mickie gets to her feet without her bouncy smile. Brie runs for a baseball slide, but Mickie moves out of the way and the Bella twin bounces off the ground.

Mickie gives her a big boot so powerful Brie stumbles over the steel steps. Brie realizes that Mickie isn't playing anymore and tries to crawl away. Mickie starts stomping on her back and her lost smile returns to her face.

Mickie gets kicked to the announcer's table as Brie Bella buys time and crawls under the ring. Bella re-appears all the way on the other side of the ring and Mickie gets back into the ring.

Bella seems suddenly energized and starts taking it to Mickie with fierce punches. She Irish whips Mickie to the turnbuckle and runs to connect with a clothesline. She follows up by Irish whipping her to another turnbuckle, but misses the turnbuckle.

Mickie jumps up to the second turnbuckle and grabs Bella's head. She screams like Xena and delivers a tornado DDT that resulted in Bella's head bouncing off the mat. Mickie goes for the pin. 1...2....3.

Winner: Mickie James (Advances to next round)

Mickie gets to her feet and starts smiling and skipping around the ring. She goes to pick up the mic, but Brie Bella enters the ring and attacks her from behind. Nikki Bella finally comes around and both Bellas start taking it to Mickie James. Michelle McCool enters the ring and starts clapping for the Bella twins.

She grabs Mickie by the face and tell her that it's her ring. McCool suddenly big boots Brie Bella in the face. Mickie James gets free and delivers a superkick to Nikki Bella so hard she flies over the top rope. Tiffany comes out after McCool and Mickie cleans house.

"There's a lot of action ladies. Next week on WWE SuperStars, it'll be the Bella Twins vs Michelle McCool and Mickie James!"

Tiffany walks to the back as the crowd erupts. Mickie starts smiling and extends her arm to Michelle McCool. McCool gives her a look that could kill and rolls out of the ring staring at the downed Bellas then at her tag partner.

Backstage Segment: Tiffany's Office

Rey, Kofi, thank you for saving me from that low life Chris Jericho and his puppet Lance Cade. I've been on the phone trying to get to the board of directors. If everything goes well, expect Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio versus Lance Cade and Chris Jericho tonight!

"That is what I'm talking about, mon! If me get me hands on Chris Jericho and give him some trouble in paradise, it could be big for us Rey."

"You know it, buddy; I can deliver the 6-1-9 for mi familia Kofi."

"The only thing being delivered will be stretcher, because 9-1-1 is going to be the number dialed tonight."

Lance Cade comes in and a stare down occurs before Tiffany begs Kofi and Rey to leave the room. 

Shelton Benjamin open challenge

"If any of you saw SD! then you saw MVP pull my tights and awarded my U.S. title. This is a travesty! The gold standard won't be stopped! MVP can be a "balla," but this isn't 2006, that line is played out, get a new catch phrase. He's as played out as Jim Jones."

"I still have my MITB case and I'm going to capture the the ECW title soon, so I'll have some fun tonight. I challenge any pathetic wrestler in the back who thinks they can out wrestle the gold standard!"

Jamie Noble comes out and declares that he'll beat Benjamin for the love of Katie Lee Burchill. Katie is watching the match at ringside. Benjamin runs at Noble and he hits him with a dropkick and then follows up with a couple of arm drags and and scoop slam.

Benjamin gets tangled in the ropes and Noble starts giving him body shot. He calls Katie up the apron to hit Benjamin for disrespecting her a few weeks back on the Highlight Reel.

Lance Cade runs out while the ref tries to help Benjamin get out of the ropes and Cade swings at Noble, who pushes him off of the apron. Noble dashes towards Benjamin, but he dodges him and Noble hits Katie off the apron. Noble is freaking out as Cade tends to a fallen Katie. Noble turns around and gets hit with a pay dirt. 1...2....3.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin smiles and grabs his case and smiles. The fans boo him and he flicks them off as he leaves. He passes Cade who is also leaving as he sees that Katie Lee is fine.

Backstage Segment: Tiffany's Office

Tiffany is on the phone with Paul Heyman.

"Look Paul, to be honest, I don't know what's going on around here, but I think I might have a lot on my plate. Benjamin and Jericho, both SD! stars aren't going away and I'm not sure if I can keep control for much longer. I--

Kozlov comes in and hangs up the phone. Tiffany looks pissed.

"What do you think--


Tiffany assures Kozlov a spot in the KOTR tournament and he walks off.

Main Event: Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston vs Chris Jericho & Lance Cade

Kofi and Rey are in the ring and Lance Cade enters. He grabs the mic.

"All of you will witness a reign never before seen in all of pro-wrestling, you will witness the renegade. Screw RAW, screw ECW, screw SD!, screw SuperStars, screw WWE, and most importantly, screw ALL OF YOU!"

Kofi picks up the mic.

"Whoa! Hold ya breaks, mon, stop talking trash and come down the ring!"

Cade walks down the ramp until he reaches the steel steps. CM Punk's music hits and Punk hits the ring with Lance Cade. Kofi and Rey's smiles are gone as Jericho is a no show and CM Punk is now their opponent.

Cade and Kofi start off the match. Kofi evades every swing Cade takes and gives him a massive dropkick. Cade gets up and runs towards Kingston. He gets caught in an arm drag.

Cade gets to his feet and his caught with two more arm drags and Kofi starts cheering on the crowd. He picks up Cade and performs an arm wrench. Cade tries to counter, but Kofi hits him with a clothesline.

He runs to the rope and does his signature leg drop on Cade. Kofi goes outside on the apron and Punk runs at him. Kofi jumps over him and he runs right into the top of the ring post and falls off the apron.

Kofi goes for a spring board clothesline, but Cade counters with a massive dropkick of his own. Cade pins Kofi. 1...2..Kingston kicks out and Cade locks in one a vicious headlock.

Kofi starts to gasp for air and begins to fade. The ref checks his arm twice and they drop both times. On the final time, Kofi gets his arm up and the crowd gets behind him.

Rey starts clapping his hands and stretching as far as he could for a tag. Kofi starts giving Cade elbows to the stomach. Cade loses grip, but pulls Kofi by his hair and gives him an inverted backbreaker.

Kofi yells in agony and Cade drags him to the corner and tags in CM Punk. Cade puts Kofi in a headlock and Punk gives him a couple of martial arts kicks to the abdomen. Cade runs to the other side of the ring and big boots Rey Mysterio off of the apron.

The ref starts yelling at Cade and Punk Irish whips Kofi into an exposed turnbuckle. Cade exits the ring and Punk connects with the running knee to Kofi's face. He follows up with a bulldog and pins Kofi.

1....2.....Kofi kicks out right before three.

Punk starts hitting Kofi with chops, backhands, and half calf kicks. Kofi falls into the bottom turnbuckle. Punk goes on the apron and sets up his own spring board clothesline.

Kofi moves out of the way and Punk slides across the ring. Both men are down and the ref starts counting. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..both men get to their feet and run to each other with clothesline.

Both men are on the floor and start to crawl to their corners. Kofi really looks banged up and the ref checks on him. Cade enters the ring and drags Punk all the way to his corner. Punk gets the tag and Cade runs in and drops an axe handle on Kofi's back.

He drags him to the middle of the ring and starts to stomp out Kofi. He puts him in half boston crab and Kofi screams in pain. Cade starts to deliver knees to the back and picks of Kofi. He sets up for a power bomb, but Kofi counters with a sunset flip pin.

1...2.. Cade barely kicks out and Kofi hits him with a huge flying clothesline.

Cade gets Irish whipped into the corner and Kofi connects with a huge stinger splash. He starts pounding on Cade on the top rope. Punk comes around to the turnbuckle and Rey comes as well.

The ref sees Rey and orders him back to his corner. Punk hits Rey with kick in the back of the neck and he falls on Cade's shoulders. Cade does a running power bomb out of the corner.

He pins Kofi. 1....2....Kofi puts his foot on the bottom rope and Cade is livid.

He signals for his elbow drop and goes to the turnbuckle. He flies off the ropes and lands on Kofi's knees. Cade starts screaming in agony. He gets up and catches Kofi before he could get the tag.

Kofi is Irish whipped back into their corner and Cade goes for a massive big boot. Kofi evades and Cade hits CM Punk, who flies off the apron and into the barricade. Kofi gets the tag to Rey and he runs in and catches Cade with a huge hurricanrana that flips him over.

Cade gets hit with another one and becomes dizzy. Rey runs to the ropes and Cade catches him and tosses him in the air. Rey catches Cade when he comes down and connects with a tornado DDT. Rey goes for the pin.

1....2... Cade barely kicks out.

Rey goes on the top rope and and jumps on Cade, who catches him with a clothesline. He picks up Rey and goes for a German suplex, but Rey lands on his feet and dropkicks him from behind onto the ropes!

He goes for the 6-1-9 and then the body splash afterward. He goes for the pin. 1....2...Punk barely breaks the count and Kofi leaps on Punk and they fall out of the ring. Rey gets poked in the eyes and Cade hits him with a big boot.

Cade gets a chair but Kofi hits him with the trouble in paradise and the chair bounces off his face! Cade begins to bleed and Rey drop toe holds him into the second rope. Punk picks up the chair and cracks it on Kofi's skull.

Rey hits another 6-1-9 and goes for the splash again. This time Punk comes in the ring and Rey falls right on to Punk's shoulders. Rey tries to wiggle, but receives the GTS. Punk looks at Cade with vengeance from the big boot earlier, but drags Cade over Rey's body. 1....2....3 Ding ding!

Winners: Lance Cade and CM Punk

Team Swagger comes out and pull out tables from under the ring. CM Punk rolls out of the ring and exits. Chris Jericho music hits and Swagger puts Mysterio through a table with a powerbomb.

Shelton Benjamin also comes with Lance Cade who has a capture and bloody Hornswoggle. Benjamin hits the pay dirt in the ring on Hornswoggle and Cade follows up with an elbow drop. The show ends with Team Swagger, Jericho Cade, and Shelton Benjamin standing tall together.

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