Caps Capturing Fans As Series With Pens Continues

Wayne VienerContributor IMay 6, 2009

I have been a Caps fan for a long time. I was a minority in the Washington sports world. Now that the Capitals are making a run for Lord Stanley's Cup, it seems like the city has finally grasped hockey.

I will use my personal experience here. I have a Facebook pen pal in Florida who is following the Caps. I watched the Vancouver vs. Chicago game last night with my two kids and they were really into it. One of my business partners went to the game on Tuesday.

So what is odd about that? None of these folks cared a bit about hockey last year.  Maybe my kids a little. Then came the series against the Flyers and it all started to change. Now, you can not get a ticket for the playoffs. 

On the way to work yesterday I saw cars with Caps car flags. I am no longer alone.

Tonight, Game 3

Tonight marks a big game for the Caps. Many observers do not think that Washington has played particularly well.  A big change is that the Caps win anyhow. We used to, in years past, play well and lose in the playoffs.

A chance to go up 3-0 in the series makes it very hard for the hated Penguins to win the series. They would have to take 4 in a row from the Caps, with two of those played in DC. About a 2 percent chance on that happening.

If the Pens defeat the Caps tonight, that makes it 2-1 in favor of Washington. The Pens could lose game 4, putting them down 3-1 to the DC skaters. Still would have to win three in a row, with two games being in DC. About a 20 percent chance. The Pens have done this before to the Caps.

Of course, if the series is 2-2 after the games in the Igloo, then it is anybody's series.

Players not getting it done:

Evgeni Malkin is not getting it done for the Pens.

Mike Green is not getting it done for the Caps.

Players on the way up:

Both are Caps. Semyon Varlamov and David Steckel, #39 (Ohio State).

The Goal Horn

The goal horn has been played quite a bit lately for the Capitals. It is only played when the Capitals score. It is not played when the visitors get a goal. The crowd has been so loud that you can not hear what is being played.

By the way, if the Pens score in the Igloo you will hear...