The Shield: Why the WWE Can't Find Anyone to Stand Up to the 'Hounds of Justice'

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 28, 2013

When The Shield hit the ring and took the WWE and its universe by storm, the idea of a rogue pack of wolves attacking wrestlers at will was an awesome concept and a much needed change in the dynamic of the business.

Now, I can honestly say that it is time for the “rogue” trio, or faction of face wrestlers, to come together and stand in harmony against the “Hounds of Justice.”

Wonder Triple Powers...Activate.

For those of you too young to know what that means, sorry. It just seems within the Halls of Justice (the WWE headquarters), there should be plans for three faces to come together and seek their own brand of justice against the current United States champion and the WWE Tag Team champions.

This, my friends, is where TNA has the right plan, and the current leader in sports entertainment is lagging behind.

Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show were a decent trio—one capable of standing up to the backyard bullies. Orton had to go and piss the big man off, and well, we all know what happened. Sheamus has become the class clown, so to speak, and it would seem he sticks his blinding whiteness into everyone’s business.

Damien Sandow is a great opponent for Sheamus, but the feud benefits the “great beard” more than anything.

Then, there is Orton, who we want to turn heel, and it seems Daniel Bryan (who has teamed with Orton and Kane in another trio of “oddness” to strike doubt in The Shield) has become the one wrestler who can get exactly what the WWE wants out of The Viper.

There is too much infighting and not enough concentration at hand against the guilty faction.

While TNA still has its feuds and fighting internally, as is the case last night when Austin Aries “stole” the TNA X-Division title from Chris Sabin (and pulled of a great coup, I might add), it still knows that it needs to defeat its greatest “elephant in the room.”

Sting is bringing back the Main Event Mafia to eliminate the chance of complete control by Aces and Eights.

While there is not a definite “order” of The Shield to want to control the WWE or any particular program of the company, three men with titles and an unholy union dictates there should be some concern, some calculated planning (yes, shown on television) and a bat or some object leading the way (like Sting has done in WCW and now TNA).

The way Sting and TNA are developing the growth of the M.E.M is predictable, but exciting. Three heads (Sting, Kurt Angle and now Samoa Joe), along with a few others (maybe Kevin Nash) like Magnus, and possibly Abyss or someone like Bobby Roode (who I think needs another character change).

Should Dean Ambrose win the World Heavyweight title ladder match at Money in the Bank, then there is reason for more concern. If Ambrose holds the WHC and Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins hold the WWE Tag titles, there is more than just a little bit of reason to worry about complete domination. The last six months have been about The Shield and Daniel Bryan and their development.

Now, it needs to be about getting even and reclaiming the WWE. The writers (oh sorry, “creative team”) should work on developing a slight turn in the greed of The Shield. And in turn, they should decide who (Bryan, Punk or Ziggler) should lead the way in a more exciting storyline.

If not, maybe the boys down in Florida should show them how its supposed to be done.