'French' Fans Go to Town After Spurs Select Livio Jean-Charles

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 28, 2013

Image via ESPN
Image via ESPN

Vive le France!

Most of the crowd had left by the time the San Antonio Spurs made their first-round draft pick, but their selection of French ballplayer Livio Jean-Charles still managed to cause one of the most ridiculous scenes of the entire night. 

No sooner had the Spurs selected the 19-year-old from French Guiana did cameras swoop in on a gaggle of fans going bonkers with a French flag. The scene was spotted by Conrad Kaczmarek at SB Nation, who lovingly provided us all a beautiful GIF of the elated moment. 

Confetti was popped, baguettes were waved and almost every tired French cliche was on hand in the name of celebrating Jean-Charles being drafted.

So many questions remain to be answered about this most joyous scene:  

Are these men French? American? Are they just friends of Jean-Charles?

No one seems to know, but it’s probably safe to say that they didn’t show up to the event with all this in tow in an ironic sense. This was genuine unbridled bliss, and it was great to see fans still revved up after all the hubbub had died down and David Stern had dialed back on the trolling. 

The reveling you see in this GIF doesn’t show perhaps the most incredible part of the whole scene, which involved the man in the beret tearing into his baguette with a zeal typically observed in a shark feeding frenzy.

Which devolved into an awkward force-feeding situation.

I began fearing for everyone’s safety when the bread started flying, including that of our very own B/R staffer Noah Jampol, who was at the draft and snuck into the bottom right corner of the shot.

Be careful out there, Noah. The world has lost lesser men to freak baguette accidents.