Demolition Destruction: Another Member and The End Of the Story

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMarch 30, 2017


The much anticipated clashing of Demolition and the Legion of Doom was about to begin but was unable to live up to the hype.  Ax was rarely used in any matches, and whenever they would have a high profile match, they would have to throw Crush in as well.  To match up equally, the Legion of Doom was paired with the WWF champion the Ultimate Warrior.  The six would engage in many matches on the road, with Demolition losing every single one of them, each one more humiliating than the last.

Then in November of that year, the final nails in the coffin were hammered in.  First, Demolition would now literally wear cloth masks over their faces in an extra attempt to bring home the gimmick of no one being able to tell them apart.  But anyone who watched wrestling a little bit could tell the difference.  Even if they didn’t, they could tell from height, size, and hair length differences.

Second, Demolition would realign itself with their former manager, Mr. Fuji.  They did so in a match involving another team of Fuji’s, the Orient Express, who was going up against, you guessed it, the Legion of Doom.

Then came the last straws coupled into one.  Demolition’s theme song was changed from that of upbeat rock and roll to that of the kind of theme that plays in the beginning credits of a “Nightmare on Elm Street” film.  Finally, McMahon fired Bill Eadie, a.k.a. Ax, with the on air explanation being that the company had had it with the team’s cheating and three man advantage and dropped him.

Smash and Crush with Mr. Fuji would continue to wrestle as Demolition complete with their 80’s slasher film theme song.  They would never win another match and have their final spotlight match at Wrestlemania VII in what was anything but a ride into the sunset match.  Instead of even facing a well known tag team, they faced Tenryu and Kitao, Japanese wrestlers who didn’t speak any English.  In their only WWF match, the two manhandled Demolition.  Since they never appeared again, one would have to assume it was done to officially get rid of Demolition.  It would be one thing to have them lose to a team like Legion of Doom, but to two wrestlers no one heard of or see again is another story.

Eadie would go on the independent circuit as Axis the Demolisher until he was sued by McMahon.  Eadie countersued saying McMahon promised him a staff position in exchange to having the rights to the team.

Darsow would cut his hair and become Repo Man, a sort of comic relief character who would sneak around at night and repossess people’s property.

Adams would stay with the Crush gimmick, but would lose the face paint and dye his hair.

With WWF nostalgia now popular, Eadie and Darsow set out to compete at legends tours.  They talked of including Adams as well, but he died of a drug overdose right before the tour began.

Demolition’s reign of success in the WWF is the stuff many wrestlers would dream of.  However, pretty much no official acknowledgment is even made to them today, nor has any DVD collection, nor even any mention of hall of fame induction.  It seems that McMahon might be a little embarrassed of them being that he created them only because he couldn’t get the Road Warriors.  It appears not only he could have foreseen just how big the team would get and the legacy they would leave, even if they were “rip offs”.