WWE NXT, June 26: The Wyatt Family Attack, Women's Title Tournament and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 28, 2013

Some of the best talent in the world right now is in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. No longer a “reality” show, WWE NXT is very much like Raw and SmackDown.

With one hour of television every week, WWE presents their future stars to the world. Unfortunately the show isn’t available everywhere, so a day or two after its initial airing, NXT thankfully pops up online.

This week would see titles sought after and characters pushed. Here’s what happened on this week’s episode of WWE NXT!


Big E Langston vs. Aiden English

After hitting the Big Ending, Langston defeated English. This was a straight-up squash match. He absolutely killed English. Post-match, he delivered the Big Ending again so that he could get a five-count, and after a “one more time” chant, Langston did it again.

Langston is a completely different person on NXT than on the main roster. In NXT, he’s a wrecking ball of destruction. On the main roster, he’s the lackey of AJ Lee. The commentators do acknowledge that he’s on Raw and SmackDown, so it’s weird to see him play two different characters.

I can’t wait for Langston to eventually break away from AJ, though. Bringing his “five” character to the main roster could get over big time with audiences. People like to chant things, so I think he’d be able to be a top babyface over time.


Emma vs. Aksana: First Round NXT Women’s Title Tournament Match

Before the match, Renee Young wanted to know Emma’s strategy. With bubble gun in hand, Emma declared that she was just going to win and bring the EMMAlution around the world.

I love Emma. As she would say, she’s “EMMAtaining.” She’s just so fun. Her promo was short and sweet, which got her point across perfectly.

As for the match, Emma defeated Aksana with the DilEMMA, which is a bridging inverted Indian deathlock. She now advances to the semifinals to face Alicia Fox to crown the first NXT Women’s champion.

The match itself was decent. It was kind of slow, mainly when Aksana was in control. While she has improved a whole lot since she debuted, Aksana is still very bland in the ring.

Emma performed well, though, and it was clear that the fans were 100 percent behind her. With her dancing and bubbles, Emma is one of the most popular Divas on NXT. The only more popular than her is probably Paige.

Paige is also in the semifinals against Summer Rae, so it’s great to see WWE actually push the women who are getting over with the crowd.


Everything You Know is About to Change

A vignette then aired for Leo Kruger. He briefly went into how people thought that he was crazy, but that he thought he just required more understanding. He ended with “everything you know is about to change,” and it was then shown that he was going to appear next.

The video was kind of weird. Not Wyatt Family weird, but still strange. The South African wrestler has a mercenary gimmick and accompanies it with strange behavior. I’m not really sure how to describe it really.


Leo Kruger vs. Dante Dash

With his GC3 submission hold, Kruger defeated Dash in another squash match. Unlike Langston’s squash, this was slow and methodical.

Kruger targeted parts of Dash’s body, specifically the arm, throughout the match. Defeating him that way showed how dangerous Kruger can be. His style in the ring was also showcased as a result. Kruger is quite good in the ring.

It’s hard to tell if he’s a babyface or a heel, though. His odd behavior and style in the ring suggests that he’s a heel, but at the same time, he doesn’t really seem like a bad guy.

What happened next continued the confusion.


Bo Dallas vs. Mickey Keegan

After Keegan got in one back drop, new NXT champion Bo Dallas defeated him with a powerslam. NXT gave fans another overall squash match here. While disappointing, it makes sense.

Dallas just won the NXT Championship, so seeing him mow down opponents makes him look strong. I’m not really much of a fan of Dallas. He can certainly get the job done in the ring, but there’s just something about him that makes me want to boo him.

The NXT audience boos him as well, so I’m not alone in that. I think he’s supposed to be a heel, which could explain things.

Post-match, the Leo Kruger confusion continued. During the match, Kruger was crouching by the barricade watching. When Dallas won, he slipped in, attacked Keegan and casually touched the NXT Championship before leaving with a “ta ta.”

Attacking somebody suggests a heel, but targeting a heel, Dallas and the title makes him look like a face. Kruger’s character is confusing, but I like it.


Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves vs. Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan w/ Sylvester Lefort: No. 1 Contender’s Match

When Graves made Dawson tap out to Lucky 13, which is kind of a reverse figure-four, he and Ohno were crowned the No. 1 contenders for the Wyatt Family’s NXT Tag Team Championship.

This was a very good match right here. Both teams delivered great back-and-forth action throughout and really showed that tag team wrestling is thriving in NXT. With about 20 minutes for the match, WWE gave them the time to do something good, and they definitely delivered.

Post-match, the Wyatt Family and leader Bray Wyatt ran out and attacked Ohno and Graves. Adrian Neville would make the save, but Dawson and Dylan would cut that short. William Regal would even get involved, though the numbers game was too much for him, too. I smell an eight-man tag team match next week.

The Wyatt Family is dominating NXT. This is the first time somebody actually fought alongside them, though. It was interesting to see them get help.

With their eminent debut on the main roster looming, I fully expect Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to lose the NXT Tag Team Championship soon. Then again, Big E Langston was NXT champion while also appearing on Raw and SmackDown.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought that this was a good episode of NXT. While the majority of the matches were squashes, those squashes served a purpose. The wrestlers who won saw their respective character or storyline get advanced further.

The tournament to crown the first NXT Women’s champion finished up its first round, which is great. The first champion is coming soon, and I hope it’s either Paige or Emma.

The main event was a great match that featured some good storyline development as well. WWE NXT is a good little show. The wrestlers there are very talented and show that the future is bright for WWE. I just wish that it aired on television in the United States.


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