Somebody Call His Mama! Brodus Clay Is in Serious Need of Re-Evaluation

Bill AtkinsonAnalyst IJune 28, 2013

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WWE needs to re-evaluate the direction it has taken Brodus Clay over the past year and a half. He certainly seems to be up for it.

In an interview with, one-half of the Tons of Funk tag team says he enjoys teaming with Matt “Sweet T” Bloom, but he adds he would take a singles match “in a second.” As for the general goofiness that the team tends to personify—dancing, laughing, playing heavily to the crowd—Clay says he would not classify it as being silly because he knows the possibility of change always is around the corner:

Everything changes from week to week in WWE, and that's what's cool about it. All it takes is one minute you're smiling and the next minute you can be a savage. It just really depends on what the situation is. I'm always looking for new challenges.

Clay may not think it is goofy. But it is. Seriously goofy. And old.

With no serious push in the near future for Tons of Funk, it is time Brodus Clay went back into WWE's character body shop for some new direction. He should come out on the other end of that process as the heel he was born to be.

With his massive body, loads of tattoos and a sprig of hair on his head, Clay looks like a heel. It is about time he started playing the part.


WWE got it right the first time in 2010 when they cast him as the bodyguard and occasional tag-team partner for Alberto Del Rio. But a head injury landed him on the shelf for three months, and when he came back in January 2012, WWE decided to play him against type and give him the dancing and disco-infused “Funkasaurus” storyline.

That was funny and different…for a while. Then it got old, but WWE apparently was too stubborn to give in and change his character. Adding Tensai (Bloom)—another miscast big man—as a tag partner breathed a little bit of new life into the act. But it is painfully obvious that Tons of Funk is stale as week-old doughnuts.

TOF got put into a Triple Threat tag match last Monday for a chance to be the top contender for the WWE Tag Team Championship. But it was clear from the beginning that they and 3MB would lose to the Usos. So there was absolutely no traction to be gained there.

WWE has proven lately that it is quick to pull the trigger on miscasting and poor booking when Del Rio was turned back into a heel seven months after going babyface. Clay has been in his current state for more than a year now, and it has gone beyond its expiration date.

I’m not saying Clay could be completely transported into a top-tier heel. But he certainly could do enough damage in the midcard to eventually become a fairly strong heel who could give WWE’s top faces some decent work.

If you don’t believe Clay could be a decent villain, check him out in WWE Studios’ No One Lives. The movie, which will be released on DVD in August, was in limited releases so it was in no danger of taking over the box office. But Clay got some showcasing in the film for his role as a menacing killer.

Clay has proven he can play the heel role. He just needs the chance.

Vince McMahon is a big fan of big men. With his own heel turn in place, McMahon’s conniving character could easily convince Clay that he is better than he appears to be now. Clay begins to buy into the WWE Chairman’s drivel, and soon he is returned to his rightful spot on the heel roster.

The “Funkasaurus” needs to go back into extinction before Brodus Clay’s once-promising career does too.


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