WWE Money in the Bank: John Cena vs. Mark Henry Is Wrong for the Philly Fans

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistJune 28, 2013

WWE Money in the Bank: John Cena vs. Mark Henry Is Wrong for the Philly Fans

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    Somebody gonna get they ass kicked. Somebody gonna get their wig split...

    Money in the Bank is not just about ladder matches and briefcases. This year, the main event will feature Mark Henry and John Cena in a match for the WWE Championship.  

    For many fans, seeing Mark Henry finally get a shot at the most prestigious title in WWE is long overdue.  But is this really the right match for the fans in Philly?  

    Some would say yes. I'd be one of them. But from WWE's perspective, this match will not look good. We'll likely see a raucous, anti-Cena crowd ready to riot if he wins in front of them.

    When looking at this match as a fan, it's a great match in a great wrestling city. From WWE's perspective, though, John Cena vs. Mark Henry is the wrong match. Here are four reasons why.

No. 4: Philly Fans Love the Heels

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    Philly fans are hardcore. And they love heels. These are the fans who attended ECW events week in and week out.  

    Philly fans are notorious for being bad themselves, too. So, is it any real surprise that rabid, ill-mannered fans hate the vanilla good guys?

    That bodes ill for Cena, as he can only expect to be booed out of the building. Having him face Mark Henry after Henry cut the ultimate heel promo suggests they expect Henry to be hated. If WWE is hoping for that result, they will be sorely disappointed.

No. 3: Philly Fans Hate Cena

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    It makes sense that if Philly fans love heels, they must hate faces. I suspect that's not entirely the case, as I fully expect Daniel Bryan, a face, to get the loudest pop of the night. But I digress.

    One thing's certain, though: The Cena hate will be palpable. These are the fans who threw snowballs at and booed Santa at an Eagles game in 1968.

    While Cena getting booed is nothing new, if Cena gets the Vickie Guerrero treatment, that will just look bad. 

No. 2: WWE Is in Denial

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    WWE, for whatever reason, loves John Cena. I could talk about the ratings since 2005, overall revenues or a host of other stats that would put you right to sleep. But I won't.

    WWE seems to believe that Cena is still widely popular. At one point he may have been, but by now he's only appealing to a very narrow audience.

    I know that writers online have done the "fans hate Cena" stuff to death. But it can't be stressed enough for this city. Unless WWE actually wants Cena to get booed, in this venue for this match with a monster heel sure to be overwhelmingly supported, WWE will bear the brunt of the hardcore fans' opinions.

No. 1: Philly Fans Know Mark Henry Has No Chance

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    Let's be real for a minute. As much as probably most of us want Mark Henry to win, we all know he has no chance. John Cena and Daniel Bryan are rumored to feud soon, and that feud may even involve the Bella Twins.

    Some crowds can handle seeing matches where they know the likely outcome going in. Philly fans are not among those who can behave in that scenario.  

    Philly fans will probably be close to riot mode most of the match, and they may well riot after a Cena win. No matter how you slice it, unless Cena actually turns heel, this match is wrong for the Philly crowd.