Super Aguri Racing: Will the Budget Cap Really Make a Difference?

Craig DalrympleCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

Ok, go figure this one out:  The economy is in the dumps; unemployment in many places (including my household) is on the increase; interest rates world wide are lower than they have ever been while the banks—those that survived anyway—are trying to get people and companies that don't have money to borrow money the banks don't have.

The list of potential competitors in motor sports premier series is increasing weekly...

Wait a second, what did I just say? Yeah, go ahead, re-read it, that's what I said. And no, I did NOT select the photo just to attract hits to the article. Super Aguri is the latest organization to propose a possible F1 entry.

If they pursue it, maybe they ought to change their name to Phoenix Racing. Or maybe change the logo to resemble a piranha eating a McLaren.

Former Super Aguri head honcho Aguri Suzuki was quoted in the Sankei Sports newspaper to be considering a return to Formula One with the announcement of the voluntary budget cap in 2010. This after his description of the sport as a "A club full of piranhas." Does this mean he is now ready to risk some of his fingers again?

Add to this the rumors of Prodrive, Lotus, and others dropping hints in recent weeks and one wonders if a 26 car grid is going to be large enough. Remember USGPE—formerly USF1—is planning on a 2010 entry as well. Are we living in a fantasy land, or do these guys really see an opportunity here?

So, I ask, are we really going to see more cars next year, or is this all just publicity being driven by a certain individual in the U.K. with a bad hair cut?