NBA Champ Chris Bosh Dishes Photobombs and NBA Finals with Conan O'Brien

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 27, 2013

Photo Credit: Team Coco
Photo Credit: Team Coco

Chris Bosh is finally getting a solid handle on all this championship guff. 

The man who has been the butt of so many Internet jokes, memes and tweets proclaiming his dinosaur sensibilities was on TV with Conan O'Brien to discuss the finer details of being a champion and nearly getting decapitated during a victory parade (h/t With Leather). 

In the end, Bosh is just one swell dude who doesn't let the little things bother him and never comes across as a man at all affected by fame. 

Consider NBA championship No.1 as but a warm-up for Bosh when it comes to champagne celebrations.

As he notes, he was going to be the one doing the pouring this time around because the bubbly apparently burns the eyes. 

I wouldn't know because the closest I ever came to basketball glory is relegated to marathon sessions of NBA Jam. 

And if you thought the Heat were merely ducking from bridges, Bosh informs us that someone was actually smacked with a branch hanging over the parade route. 

I am sure sticking a bunch of tall guys on a double-decker bus and driving under bridges seemed like a great idea, but maybe you should think up another route next time, Miami. 

Of course, the discussion then came to photobombs. 

Before we continue, I would like to point out Elijah Wood apparently reprised his role as a hobbit sitting next to Bosh. If he were any tinier he would get lost in the seat cushions.

As for Bosh, the man understands the NBA takes a lot of hard work but is really nothing more than a game. When a long season and boredom set in, a great many athletes look to various ways to stay invigorated.

Bosh chooses to make himself laugh and get a few giggles from the rest of us along the way. With that, we look forward to future success from the big man as well as the next great photobomb he chooses to drop on one of his unsuspecting teammates. 


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