WWE Money in the Bank 2013: Can Dean Ambrose Win the Briefcase by Himself?

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 27, 2013


This might be the biggest match of Dean Ambrose’s career.

With the United States title in hand and a chance to bring back some credibility to the mid card title, does Ambrose have the ability to bypass six men and grab the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase at Money in the Bank?

Ambrose is one of seven wrestlers who were named to be contestants for the World Heavyweight Championship ladder match, according to wrestlingnewssource.com.

More importantly, can Ambrose, who has been The Shield’s backbone of performance since their arrival in the WWE, do all this on his own? Or will he need the help of his “Hounds of Justice” brothers?

If there was ever a time for Ambrose to shine and get over even more as a singles competitor, it would be in a match like this.

Especially a ladder match.

There are few who sell like Ambrose and the recent work he has done with Kane. Plus, the work he did with Undertaker after WrestleMania showed his value to this company.

Would interference by Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins enhance the match or make it seem a bit too obvious?

The greatest thing about The Shield to date is that, while we know what will happen in most of their matches, we are not blown over with how blatant the three are at committing their crimes. If it were to come down to Ambrose and Wade Barrett (my pick to win the briefcase), would there be extra incentive to take out the big brawler? Would it lead to Barrett finally turning face?

Success by The Shield is so much more than just wins and losses. They affect everyone and everything in the WWE. The only thing left is to claim one of the company’s highest prizes.

It also means, more than likely, that Dolph Ziggler beats Alberto Del Rio at MITB and sets up one hell of a SummerSlam match for the World Title.

Personally, I want to see Barrett claim the title. Business-wise, having Ambrose win is more advantageous. For the future of the company and the careers of both superstars, Ambrose winning the briefcase and challenging Ziggler just makes more sense.

With or without help from his “Hounds of Justice.”