UEFA Will Not Recind Darren Fletcher's Red Card Against Arsenal

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 6, 2009

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 04:  Sir Alex Ferguson, coach of Manchester United and Darren Fletcher give a press conference at Cameron House Hotel,Loch Lomond,ahead Champions League match against Celtic on November 4, 2008 in Glasgow, Scotland.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Uefa have confirmed that Darren Fletcher will miss the Champions League final after receiving a red card against Arsenal after 75 minutes of the second leg of the semifinal.

Fletcher received a straight red card after supposedly taking down Cesc Fabregas in the United box. He will now miss the final due to the referee's mistake.

Uefa has said that United have the right to appeal the decision within 24 hours, but it will not be changed due the the rules.

A Uefa spokesman said, "the protest is only admissible if the referee made an error and mistakenly identified and cautioned or sent off the wrong player."

"There cannot be an appeal against a factual decision taken by the referee, and there is nothing to indicate that the referee made a mistake in identifying Fletcher as the player he penalised last night."

In other words if a referee makes a stupid decision, it cannot be corrected.

In my opinion this is a rule that should be changed. If a team is put a a disadvantage, or a player will be prosecuted for doing nothing wrong, then the men in the offices at the top are making the wrong decision.