Laurent Blanc Should Consider Formation Change for PSG

Christopher Almeras@@redriverhockeyCorrespondent IIJune 27, 2013

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PSG made their first major move of the summer as they announced Laurent Blanc as manager this week. Blanc comes with a solid resume and a hero status among many in France. As the dust settles on his appointment, the questions will begin to turn to the tactics Blanc will employ.

During his time as a manager, Blanc has used several formations. His preferred formation would appear to be a 4-3-3 based on his time in charge of the French national team. He also used a 4-2-3-1 as well during his French reign.

Using a 4-3-3 would be similar to the system ran under Carlo Ancelotti this past season. Familiarity with the formation may help Blanc ease the players’ transition to his tactics. PSG had great success from this formation in stifling opponent’s attacks and countering quickly.

Despite the success of the 4-3-3, incorporating or changing to a 4-2-3-1 may bring out the best talent which PSG currently boasts.

With only taking into consideration the current roster, the biggest position change would be a move from the wing by Lucas Moura to a central position.

This is the move that may benefit PSG the most. Moura is a handful with his electric pace and moves which create a nightmare matchup on the wings. Moving him to the center of the pitch gives him access to the entire width of the field.

From here, Moura can find more space to possess the ball and attack. His skill set would put pressure on the entire opposition back line as he would have the freedom to attack every channel.

Playing just behind Ibrahimovic would also create opportunities to play two touch and make runs off of the talented Swede. This would bring Ibra's exquisite touch in the passing game more into the attack.

Beyond the offensive benefits, the defense would benefit from the pairing of Marco Verratti and Blaise Matuidi sitting in front of the back four. Having their ability to win the ball and transition it into the attack will be magnified with the presence of Thiago Silva sitting just behind them.

Helping to protect the defense will also allow Silva to make more runs into the aid of the attack.

A move to a 4-2-3-1 may also help Blanc figure out playing time for the multiple options he currently has available in the midfield.

How Blanc organizes his troops will be affected by the coming and goings in the transfer market. Whether he sticks with the 4-3-3 or moves to another formation, Blanc will have the talent at his disposal to make whatever tactics he implements a success.