8-Year-Old Girl Has Unreal Ball-Dribbling Skills

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 27, 2013

She has the dribbling skills of Trey Burke and slicker handles than a French wardrobe.

This eight-year-old girl has better ball control than you, your friends and most members of the NBA. She also loves Jesus, and by the look of the skills she displays in this video, Jesus loves her back.

Video of her amazing talent was spotted by Bro Bible, and it features more physical precision than you could ever expect out of someone her age.

Maneuver after maneuver, this young girl (who is unnamed so far as we can tell) dominates the ball with lightning-fast agility. One ball. Two balls. Behind the back. Through the legs. It doesn't matter.

Her parents keep track of each drill, timing her as she goes through each series and keeping track of the many records she’s on the cusp of breaking. It’s unclear what list of results her parents are consulting, but we’ll assume it’s not eight-year-old dribbling records. 

These have to be world records, and fractions of a second are the only difference between this girl and being the fastest dribbler on the planet.

Let's talk about this.

The potential new record holder for basketball dribbling has pig tails. She’s wearing a pink collared shirt. She’s in her kitchen—and she is destroying it.

Somewhere, Skylar Diggins is thanking her lucky stars she’ll be retired from the WNBA by the time this girl reaches her prime. Granted, we haven’t seen this girl shoot the ball. However, if she sticks with basketball and develops a jumper that’s even half as strong as her handle on the ball, I can confidently say she’ll be a guaranteed lottery pick.

Someone get this girl on an AND1 mixtape now.